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  • Series: Baka and Test -Summon the Beasts-

Baka and Test -Summon the Beasts- Episode #09

Baka and Test -Summon the Beasts- Episode #09 Review

By G.B. Smith     March 10, 2010
Release Date: March 10, 2010

Baka and Test -Summon the Beasts-
© FUNimation

Today we have the first simulcast episode for this show. Let's see how far things have advanced. I'm not holding my breath for serious plot development, but more of the same sort of comedy we had in the first two installments. 

What They Say
Episode 9: Kisses, Breasts, and Ponytails
Yoshii's got to prove to his visiting sister that he can handle living alone. It won't be easy, thanks to a misunderstood text message, some dirty magazines, and Minami and Himeji's new makeovers.

The Review!
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Yoshii is sitting alone in his apartment, eating, when the doorbell suddenly rings. At the door is a very buxom young woman (she looks in her 20s, though I admit it is sometimes hard to tell in anime, where women older than teenagers but younger than gray-haired grandmothers are simply drawn in one stereotypical manner), wearing only a bathrobe. She turns out to be Akihisa's elder sister Akira, who has come back to Japan from studying abroad.

She has come back to see if Akihisa can handle living on his own and is providing himself with a healthy living environment, not only in terms cleanliness by also from a moral perspective, though Akira hardly seems qualified to judge anyone on that score: her idea of punishing Akihisa for falling short of remembering the agreement he made with his family to allow him to live alone is to threaten to sexually molest him.

Only in anime... (eye-roll)

Sadly, Yoshii is not having any better a time in school, as a text message he sends to Sakamoto, asking if he could spend the night at his house (in order to get away from his incestuously deranged sister) is misinterpreted by everyone in school as implying a more serious "relationship" between Yoshii and Sakamoto. Furthermore, Yoshii starts studying in class, which prompts one of the teachers to send him to the Nurse's Office. On top of all that, when Yoshii has a properly made lunch for a change, Minami and Himeji automatically assume it to be made by someone else for Yoshii, his lover.

Things end up going from bad to worse when the entire Class F gang decides to go over to Akihisa's house in order to form a study group. Akira seems to be on her best behavior, though still with her somewhat perverted brother love complex coming through. It's torture for poor Yoshii all around.

Still, he works hard on studying, since his sister, who is apparently academically gifted (going to school in America) pushes him to do so. As is usual for Fumizuki Academy, there always seems to be a test at some point, and so, Yoshii tries his luck on the next one (which appears to be a history test. Interestingly, many of the questions dealt with ancient Western history, not a subject one would think that Japanese high school students would really need to master, though their high school curriculum in general is far more complex than those in the United States). He thinks he has done fairly well on this test and he would have - if he hadn't put the first answer ("Alexander the Great") into the space where his own name should have gone. Thus, all of his answers are in the wrong box on the answer sheet by one place.

Yoshii really is quite stupid.

In Summary:
In this episode, we get the appearance of a doting elder sister, Akira, to our clueless idiot Akihisa Yoshii. While she is fairly amusing, she is also little more than a bland stereotype that we see in anime all too often, the sister who seems to have a strong Brother Love Complex. While sibling affection is quite normal, wishing to take it to a sexual level is not - except in anime. Of course, no illicit and immoral actions take place, because Akihisa is quite justifiably repelled by the notion and does whatever it takes not to encourage or abet his sister's desires. So, we get the usual load of humor based off of misunderstandings, which is not particularly funny in general. I have to wonder if the writers basically used up just about all of the comic potential of the characters in the first two episodes.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

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