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Mania Grade: C+

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  • Series: Baka and Test -Summon the Beasts-

Baka and Test -Summon the Beasts- Episode #11

Baka and Test -Summon the Beasts- Episode #11 Review

By G.B. Smith     March 24, 2010
Release Date: March 24, 2010

Baka and Test -Summon the Beasts-
© FUNimation

Today, things are back to battle mode as Class F declares war on Class D. Does Yuuji have the tactical genius to pull out another victory, or will he show himself to be a mere idiot, like the rest?

What They Say
Episode 11: Rivals, Love Letters, and Blitz Tactics
Class F pulls out all the stops in an amazing battle against Class D! If Yoshii and his crew come out on top, they'll be taking on Class B too.

The Review!
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
So, we return to the one gimmick this show has: an inter-class war. This time, Class F has decided to attack Class D. Yuuji has a strategy... but then we've discovered how good a strategist he actually is after his loss to Class A. Yet perhaps we should not be so quick to dismiss him. It seems something has changed in Yuuji. While he used to be a complete slacker, and an idiot, this time he was thoroughly prepared for the opposition. Class D figured out, correctly, that Class F would engage in an all-out attack using Mizuki Himeji, their one A-rank student. This, however, would leave their own Class Representative Yuuji, who is somewhat akin to a flag in capture the flag, unguarded. Thus, Class D's strategy was to let Himeji commence her attack, and then ambush Sakamoto, whose test scores have apparently been on a steadily downward path for the past several exams.

Except... Yuuji shows some knowledge of strategic thinking, as he deliberately leaked his exam results of the past several tests, but not what his score was on the most recent one. The one he actually studied hard for. Since student avatars' power is based solely on the latest test, that is only one that counts, and when the Class D ambush squad appears, he is more than able to defend himself against them.

Next, they decide to declare war on Class B, a war about which they have strong personal feelings, as Class B's representative is Kyouji Nemoto, the slimy guy who wanted to take advantage of Class F's breaking into the school safe in order to take a copy of the midterm exams for himself. He as well looks forward to the match, since he wishes to pay back Class F for what Akihisa and Yuuji did to him, by throwing copies of that same stolen midterm to everyone in the school.

The war has unexpected occurrences: while Class B is obviously far stronger than Class F, the Class F Inquisition Squad, boys who go around hooded all the time carrying scythes and are extremely jealous of any boy who has a girlfriend, are sent in to battle as a suicide squad, enraged after they find out that Class B's representative, Nemoto, has a girlfriend (the representative of Class C, no less). At this point, Nemoto himself engages in a dirty maneuver: he calls Himeji aside and reveals to her that he has stolen her love letter, the one she has spectacularly failed to deliver for, what, about six or so episodes?

So, Himeji will not decide the battle. In the end, it falls to Akihisa, weakling that he is, to take on her role of launching the surprise raid on Class B's classroom. But remember, Yoshii has a special ability as a Probationary Student: his avatar can affect physical reality. Therefore, he uses his avatar, and the special bracelet he picked up recently that allows him to summon his avatar without a teacher's approval, to smash through the wall of the room next to Classroom B and rush into their room. Then, Class F uses one of the few unique weapons it has: Tsuchiya, "Mutsulini," the mild-mannered pervert who may be useless otherwise, but has a god-level score in the subject of Health and Physical Fitness. Thus, the war is won.

However, contrary to expectations, Yuuji does not demand that Class B and Class F switch classrooms... if Class B is willing to follow one condition: Nemoto, their class representative, must wear a girl's school uniform and follow his orders from now on. While Nemoto has no intention of obeying, the rest of his class is more than happy to make him obey.

After the ending animation, we get to short epilogues. First, Yoshii returns Himeji's stolen love letter (which he retrieved from Nemoto's uniform after he was forcibly changed by his own classmates) to Mizuki, which makes her very happy. In fact, she tears up the letter, saying she no longer needs it (thank the powers that be, I was sick of seeing it). Then, Yuuji and Shouko have one of those Very Important Conversations on the school roof, telling her not to hold anything back in the inevitable battle that is to come between Class F and Class A.

In Summary:
This episode was mainly concerned with strategy and tactics in two classroom wars. In the first war, Class F winds up easily defeating Class D, even though on paper they should have been easily knocked down. Then, Class F ambitiously challenged Class B to fight, partly in order to strike at the rather detestable Kyouji Nemoto, whom they would be more than happy to see taken down a peg or two. While Yuuji's strategic abilities have not always been on a par with the masters of the art, this time around, he appears to be much more motivated and much more capable. Class D is easily outmaneuvered, and Class B is brought down by a combination of determination and good planning. Compared to many of the other episodes, this one was actually quite enjoyable, as many of the repeated jokes were either only hinted at or used as quick throwaway lines, not the major basis for the show. The class wars might be a gimmick, but at least it is a gimmick that brings some relief from the too often repeated humor that otherwise dominates this show.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

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