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Bakula talks ENTERPRISE

Compares new TREK show to THE RIGHT STUFF

By Christopher Allan Smith     June 28, 2001


In an interview at a Florida convention, as echoed here through, ENTERPRISE's Captain Archer, a.k.a. Scott Bakula, talked about his role in the upcoming STAR TREK show.

"It's only a hundred and fifty years from now in 2151 - that's just around the corner... Its a really great part. I was really excited when I got the script because its the first starship and I'm the first Captain and its right from the beginning. Even if you don't know STAR TREK and you haven't followed the other series this is basically the first one, so you don't need to come to it with lots of lore in terms of what STAR TREK is or was."

He also promised, "[The show] is basically [about] these people are getting on a ship and going out to explore for the first time. It's very much like THE RIGHT STUFF or any of those kind of movies, where it's much more humanly based in terms of emotion and seeing this Universe for this first time. Which I think is really exciting."


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