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Wiseguy 10/28/2008 2:46:52 PM
<P itxtvisited="1">Can we stop retreading the same damn actors for every role that comes up. Bale, Depp, DiCaprio etc. it's always the same shit. Let' them get an unknown ala <A class=iAs style="FONT-WEIGHT: normal! important; FONT-SIZE: 100%! important; PADDING-BOTTOM: 1px! important; COLOR: darkgreen! important; BORDER-BOTTOM: darkgreen 0.07em solid; BACKGROUND-COLOR: transparent! important; TEXT-DECORATION: underline! important" href="#" target=_blank itxtdid="6756159">Superman</A> Returns with Routh. Routh turned out to be the films only saving grace. I'm sure there are capable actors out there if they do a proper search and they'll save a buck or two while at it. Bale is a good actor but I wouldn't cast him though I'm sure he'd be OK. I'd go slightly older and someone people won't be totally numb to after the Bat and Terminator flicks. Get some new blood and a fresh face </P>
fft5305 10/28/2008 2:48:56 PM

I think Bale is great, I just don't know if he's right for the Doctor.  At this point, it's way to early to talk casting anyway.  With GDT doing The Hobbit, we're looking at years before we're ready to talk casting anyway.  Is there even a script in place? Not as far as I know.

evilbeagle 10/28/2008 3:26:43 PM

Look Dr. Strange will be sometime after 2012 anyway, but I'm excited for this property.  I thought the cartoon movie was really well done.   A live action tale could be very cool-my only wish is that it is not an origin tale.  His origin could be told slowly through a series of films in the form of flashbacks.  This would also provide an aire of mystery to the character for those who do not already know his background.

Not sure how I feel about Bale in this role.  I think Bale is great, but I'm picturing an older actor.  I like Wise's idea about continuing the search and not being stuck on getting a name.  Get a mid level actor everyone knows, but has forgotten about.  It worked well for Iron Man.

CaptQuirk 10/28/2008 6:22:16 PM

They better do it sooner than 2013, the Mayan Calander says the World ends in 2012. Talk about missing the boat :)

Dazzler 10/28/2008 6:37:27 PM

I think that guy from House would make a good Dr Strange. 

I think Bale is wearing too many hats.  Also a flip from D/C to Marvel?  That sounds "strange" in itself.

ultrazilla2000 10/29/2008 2:36:34 AM

I call Bullshit with a capital "B"!  There's no way he's going to want to star in another comic hero movie series, and probably no way his team from Batman would even let him.  Think about it...vying for shooting schedules with competing comic book company projects?  Nope.  Not gonna happen.

AMiSHPiRATE 10/29/2008 6:11:38 AM

I'm starting to think it might be bad if Christian Bale is D-Strange.  It's going to mess with my screenplay:  "Dr. Strange vs Batman: the Superman/Wolverine Chronicles featuring the Return of the Joker & Zombie Spiderman."

maxx1mus 10/29/2008 7:42:19 AM

i agree with hanso why marvel isnt giving any love towards cuaron ,is beyond me the man can direct ,WAKE UP MARVEL!!!!!!

im surpried as hell that neither dc nor marvel has givin a franchise to cuaron

monkeyfoot 10/29/2008 8:58:57 AM

I just cannot see this happening.

ElvisGump 10/29/2008 11:43:42 AM

What about having Hugh Jackman jump from Wolverine to Von Helsing to being Dr. Strange? He's the sort of lean, tall fellow who could probably pull that off too.

I'm not sure though a Dr Strange movie will have the great appeal outside the comic book communuty that Batman/Superman/Spiderman/X-Men have though since it's closer to mystical magic stuff it might appeal heavily to the Harry Potter generation.

Heck, if they want to go with an older guy, maybe even Patrick Stewart could play the part?

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