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Band Aid

By Don E. Peterson     December 02, 2005

Robbie Rist
© R. Rist
Go down Robbie Rist's resume, and you're likely to find something cool in everything he's ever done. He may be known to baby boomers as Cousin Oliver from The Brady Bunch, but he's also an accomplished singer, songwriter, musician (playing in four different L.A. based bands). He even has a recording studio in Northridge, Calif., called The Boathouse, where various acts cut singles and albums.

So what else is left for him? How about becoming a movie producer, which is what he's just done with the cool, new horror movie STUMP THE BAND, directed by Bill Holmes and JoJo Henrickson, currently in post-production. It's about a music group being terrorized in the woods by serial killers who have a fetish for dismembered feet. CINESCAPE managed to track the multi-hyphenate down to ask him some hard-hitting questions.

What appealed to you about producing STUMP THE BAND?

I got to be good friends with Bill Holmes [STUMP's director], and we were both bemoaning the fact that the entertainment biz wasn't exactly coming to us, so we decided to go to it. I got some financing, JoJo Henrickson re-wrote the Fletcher

A bloody Tammy in STUMP THE BAND.

Rhoden script, a bunch of us went to Chicago for three weeks, and we chased adorable women around with axes.

What sets it apart from other horror movies?

It's not a straight genre piece. There's a lot of comedy. It's also a rock and roll movie. It's kind of like Almost Famous if it was made by Herschell Gordon Lewis.

Do you prefer behind-the-scenes to acting, or do you like to do both?

I like the behind the scenes because there is less of that 'hurry up and wait' thing that plagued me when I was doing on-camera stuff. I have total ADD and sitting on my ass not doing anything for hours at a time kills me.

You appeared as Dr. Zee in an episode of Galactica 1980, but looking back, which series sucked more Battlestar Galactica or Galactica 1980?

Oh, 1980 far and away. I mean, they found what they were looking for earth. Now what are you gonna do? I actually rather liked the first series, I just wish they could have afforded more FX shots. It got boring seeing the same Cylon fighter cross left to right out of the window of the human fighter ship and explode.

If the entire Brady Bunch were trapped in the woods in STUMP THE BAND who would be the most likely to survive and why?

Alice, no doubt. She kept that household a well oiled, humming machine for five straight years with six kids two of which always seemed to be going through puberty at the same time and two adults. That woman was a true warrior.

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