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Bandai's Solid July Slate

By Chris Beveridge     May 06, 2009

Code Geass: LElouch of the Rebellion R2 Part 1
© Bandai Entertainment

Bandai Entertainment has put out its next round of title solicitations, this time for July 2009, and it has a number of anticipated titles for fans. With Code Geass' second season arrive, True Tears finally seeing the light of day and Hayate the Combat Butler making its splash, there's a lot to like in this list. Providing, of course, none of these titles get delayed like numerous other releases from the company so far this year.

Cover Art Title Release Date Runtime Price Studio Format
Code Geass: LElouch of the Rebellion R2 Part 1 (also w/LE) 07-21-2009 225 mins $39.98/44.9 Bandai Entertainment
Eureka Seven Complete Collection 2 (Anime Legends) 07-21-2009 650 mins $49.98 Bandai Entertainment
Freedom Part 1 07-07-2009 100 mins $24.98 Bandai Entertainment
Ghost Slayers Ayashi Part 3 07-07-2009 250 mins $39.98 Bandai Entertainment
Hayate the Combat Butler Part 1 07-21-2009 175 mins $39.98 Bandai Entertainment
True Tears Complete Collection 07-21-2009 325 mins $39.98 Bandai Entertainment


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nickclkknt 5/7/2009 8:45:17 AM

No True Tears Blu-ray = No sale :(

Calibur454 5/12/2009 7:42:18 AM

I guess Hayate will come before the Monster seires will. It is cool to see this series come out but I really wish more anime titles will come out with English Dub releases. I hope Monster comes in a Engllish dub if not it will be very disapointing.



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