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lazarus 8/9/2012 9:02:41 PM

And my Avatar only is the reason the Batman is cursed to eternal constipation.....

Are you serious, Darth, Avengers soundtrack was 100% better than TDKR. Don't get me wrong, different peices and themes, but Avengers I could jam out to at work. TDKR is not really...welll mainstream.

I want to see a deleted clip of Bane taking a shit in that sewer. After eating bean burritos the night before.

Bane voice "What matters is (farting sound) not our (louder farting) actions, sorry that was the mushrooms, what matters (loud farting with a plop) is our (three plops then a loud wet fart) plan... looks around and sees everyone is now dead from the smell.

THAT WOULD BE FUNNY. Sorry I am sick and I need help. Here is a beatch fest instigation, which Batman was better Keaton or Bale? At least Keaton you could understand his dialogue. Maybe Bale likes to smoke GL sausage?

lazarus 8/9/2012 9:10:15 PM

Which Avatar looks like it needs to poop more. Mine or Wise's?

What is this stupid conspiracy theory about the shooting was a government setup?

Really? REALLY. Nice to see you back Wise. Now get the F to work.

Wes1970 8/9/2012 10:51:26 PM on my man...I sat there watching this movie not wanting to believe it wanted to be a dark, serious, grounded in reality type of finale and we get this. Heres a few more of those glaring plot holes or just plain stupid things they expect people to not care about

1. So Bruce has been sulking for 7 training..walking with a cane ...and knees that are shot. YET one trip to the doc to tell him how bad he is and wam bam he comes up with a bionic brace...careful now cant be too Iron just kinda looks like a strap with a wire...high tech stuff there... makes it so he can break stone with a kick but the bad guys are made of tougher stuff than that!

2.So hows all that water and damp conditions faring for the batcave computers and such...mmm must be batrustolium paint or something there.

3. So Gordan feels so bad that he cleaned up the streets of gotham..saving countless lives and putting out organized crime in the city that he wants to end it all ..hang up his hat and oh by the way confess that he lied to the public ( when has any city official ever lied?) so that what? they can let out all the criminals because he feels they deserve a second chance?

4. And yet when the crap hits the fan and such ...hes on board to fight to the end...hell seems like he got what he wanted I would think he would have welcomed that walk on the ice ..haha

5. yay its batman time...some hour or so in the movie..he whips out a cool looking gun and bam...nothing happens ...yay because the cop shot thats intense!! such action

6. Ah yes catwoman...I could be wrong but seems we seen more of her than batman..but not too bad just that oh heres the keys to the batcycle...whats that never seen one before? but yet drives it like she was born with one between her legs...

7. Ahh and how can we have a movie without a well meaning but misguided deputy commissioner barking out wrong orders and acting cowardly ...till the end when he decides he can dodge bullets...

8. So ok this is it...the Gotham PD...omg...lets send 3000 ...street cops..into the sewers. Nevermind the bad gasses and such that would be present. (I am an underground miner I know a thing or two about being in a tube and AIR is important!) lets have them walk arm in arm into who knows what ...ya love to see the blind devotion they must have in reality.

9. Ok live in the sewer for 5 months...and you think Bruce had it bad haha. Get rations of food, which of course would have been steak and potatoes for the fine boys in blue. Keep them alive for what exactly? so they can emerge so crazy as to be willing to charge down a line of machine gun fire. In what looked like freshly washed uniforms? musta stopped at the dry cleaners on the way to the courthouse.

10. Bruce and his nice that no one wants to leave i guess. Heck they must eat better than kings to have let him rebuild his body...sans knee brace ..phff and that doc told him they were shot...looks pretty good by this time. So they leave the rope as a taunt. I guess no one thinks if two guys hold the rope at the bottom I could climb the rope. If you check out a preview trailer even you can see the rope goes pretty much to the top. Or perhaps have that big buff dude just haul you up to a ledge. The main flaw i see here is that Bruce is supposed to be the master detective...Batman...yet no plan no thinking involved here. I would have loved it if he figured it out and made it on the first try. Then we see him using his brain instead we get him just try and fail a few times( first one would have killed him anyway) and then even at the end does he use the rope to get to the ledge before the jump...and then take it off? NOPE sigh.

11. Batman makes a very well timed return to did that one gets in or out right. but yet he just swam the icy river or something i guess. Probaby still pretty warm from his jog from India.

12. So is it possible to have him fight as something less of a brawler and more like a ninja? Hes trained for years and yet we get haymaker swings...

13. Bane...i knew even from the previews they had screwed him up...but so no Venom? no super strength? hes just really pissed off all the time i guess. No explaination on how someone who needs a constant dose of painkiller could react with a clear head and be unbeatable in a fight. That is some kinad wonder drug alright. It would have been far better to go with the Venom and perhaps downplay it some..say hes just addicted and it makes him stronger than a normal man but without it hes instantly weakened...damm doesnt that sound better???  It would have been a clear message of the price of power and why no one else was using it.

Well I probably could go on but since I watched it only once I'm gonna try to forget the rest. Perhaps one day they will do a reboot and give the power to a guy like Bruce Timm . For any that don't know thats the guy whos behind The Animated Series. Of anything thats been made he's got the right style and ideas to make a proper Batman come to life. But i doubt it will ever happen.

ElBaz13 8/10/2012 5:32:24 AM

Did you like the movie Wes1970?

ElBaz13 8/10/2012 5:36:09 AM

avatar changed just for you viteddie

ElBaz13 8/10/2012 5:39:17 AM

You have to admit, that Avengers vs Dark Knight poster is pretty good. Kind of reminiscent of those posters Spielberg and Lucas would send each other when one of their movies would beat the other at the box offce. I'm sure something similar will show up if JLA beats Avengers. Don't take it personal like a Certain othEr persOn here.

If you think Darth and I crap on TDKR, read the "review" above by Wes1970. :)


DarthoftheDead 8/10/2012 9:28:54 AM

 EIBaz - So thats why, LMAO!!!!!!!!!

Vitty - Why dont you make fun of Avengers more, Dude, lol,....theres enough there to make fun with......that's what I expected from CEO, but he just crapped out......Is Avengers Such an EPIC Movie.....that no one Wants to make fun of them.....of course not.......There's been entirely to much of a Lack on making fun of I'll start 1st.....

WTF was up with the way All the alien soliders died, just like Phantom Menace.....Whedon ripped off, Lucas, on that one man, lol!!!! (and if you want to be a TROLL about it, add),...boy....I hope someone got Fired for that

DarthoftheDead 8/10/2012 9:36:58 AM

 West1970 - Do have a Brochure or a Mailing List????

alienstatue 8/10/2012 9:39:27 AM

@Darth - or how about when Cap gets shot by an Alien gun he bends over and falls down in the same spot, but when Iron Man gets shot with one, he flies 20 feet!? Captain America (Peak Human power level), Iron Man (Superhuman power level)

P.S. I love you Marvel! ;-)

ElBaz13 8/10/2012 10:01:43 AM

Is that all you can do alienstatue? That's nothing compared to the sewer cops in Bruce Wayne Rises and where they take their dumps. ha ha ha! is a shot at Avengers. When Black Widow gets the boost and jumps on an alien transporter/speeder/swoop (whatever). She catches it with 1 arm. At the speed it's going, poor little ScarJo's arm would have been torn off.

Still an epic movie.


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