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Banshee's Back

The sonic screaming mutant returns.

By Rob Allstetter     September 26, 2001

Cover art to UNCANNY X-MEN #401
© 2001 Marvel

Ron Garney's first issue as artist of UNCANNY X-MEN is #401, the 'NUFF SAID silent issue - ironically featuring the sonic-screaming Banshee.

"He screams a lot, but you never hear him because it's the silent issue," UNCANNY X-MEN writer Joe Casey says.

Casey says the issue will show what happened to Banshee and several of the characters not seen since the X-MEN relaunch in May.

"At the end of GENERATION X, when that book ended, he was kinda bitter, and, apparently in that issue drunk," Casey says. "He's going to start his own team of X-Men, called the X-Corps. They're these fascist X-Men that go around Europe and sort of police Europe for all the mutants in Europe. A lot of different X-characters, like some characters from Generation X and some X-villains we haven't seen in a while, are going to be part of that."

Casey says the X-Corp are like Euro-Disney. "They operate right out of Paris, they're not very popular and they're very corporate," he says. "To see this sort of clash of ideologies is what that story is about. To see how our camp of X-Men deal with Banshee's version of the X-Men."

Casey says he expects a productive string of issues from Garney, who follows a short stint by Ian Churchill.

"He's a steady guy and wants to go in there and do solid run," Casey says of Garney.


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