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Banya: the Explosive Delivery Man (aka: Banxya) Vol. #04

By Matthew Alexander     August 29, 2007
Release Date: June 20, 2007

Banya: the Explosive Delivery Man (aka: Banxya) Vol.#04
© Dark Horse

Creative Talent
Writer/Artist:Kim Young-Oh
Translated by:Taesoon Kang & Derek Kirk Kim
Adapted by:

What They Say
After last volume's shocking cliffhanger, Banya's screams are still ringing across Gaya's wastelands, and the desert deliverymen are in some serious danger. The future is at stake, and fists are about to fly as two bloodthirsty villains corner our heartbroken hero. He's kept his cool while mingling with the monstrous Torren, fighting off gargantuan pit bulls, and dodging the giant Gwichi worm's sneak attacks - but now Banya has gone crazy with anguish and rage and is about to unleash a world of hurt on two mutated killers!

The Review
Contains nudity (if you look real hard there's a nipple hiding in there).

Who doesn't love a berserker badass that can kill with style? With volume three, Banya's story began to pull together into more than just a delivery of the week action adventure. Now with this volume, the author treats us to flashbacks into Banya's past and his final awakening. Turns out, Banya used to be a Slayer and he was so badass they called him Baby Demon. Young-Oh's art is a strong point with this series, and it shines when Banya slips back into his red-eyed Baby Demon personality. Even with his old personality rearing its ugly head, Banya only wants to use his berserker battle skills to protect his friends at the mail delivery service. However, the leader of the Slayers not only wants Banya dead, but he also wants to wake the God of Destruction who has the power to destroy the entire continent. So with the hottie monk Jiahn and a stranger (awkwardly thrust upon us from nowhere) in tow, Banya is off to make one final delivery to the Land of Death and the final showdown.

If you aren't a fan of quirky humor laden action ala Desert Punk, then just ignore this title. But if smartass goofball warriors are your cup of tea then this series is a must buy, especially at a mere five volumes. Sure, the storytelling isn't very tight and it still has its weak points, like why did Banya leave the Slayers in the first place? But I'm enjoying this series and for me the art and humor more than makes up for the story's flow.


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