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Banya: the Explosive Delivery Man (aka: Banxya) Vol. #05

By Matthew Alexander     February 20, 2008
Release Date: September 19, 2007

Banya: the Explosive Delivery Man (aka: Banxya) Vol.#05
© Dark Horse

Creative Talent
Writer/Artist:Kim Young-Oh
Translated by:Taesoon Kang & Derek Kirk Kim
Adapted by:Taesoon Kang & Derek Kirk Kim

What They Say
The story of Banya: The Explosive Delivery Man comes to an end!

Banya races to deliver his most important "package" ever - the powerful summoner Jiahn - to the aptly named Land of Death. Jiahn must reach her destination before an extraordinary evil is unleashed upon Gaya, but a vicious pack of warriors and monsters, led by the villainous Kamutu, closes in quickly. When Banya regains his memory, will he slip back into the role of a brutal killer and join Kamutu, or will his love for his friends at the Gaya Desert Post Office overcome the pull of a violent, rage-filled past?

The Review
Volume 5 of this series brings Banya’s smart-assed, action packed adventures to a close. Leading the strange Muah and the summoner, Jihan, into the wild lands to find the Great Dragon proves to be more dangerous than Banya could have imagined. A group of Slayers is hot on their heals and huge monsters appear around every boulder. The monsters don’t prove to be to much trouble for the group, but the Slayers are another matter altogether. Just fighting those deadly assassins pushes Banya into his red-eyed berserker mode. Can Jihan pull Banya back from the edge of insanity?

It isn’t until Banya is forced to confront his former master and leader of the Slayers, Kamutu, that we get Banya’s full back story. The flashback fully reveals Banya’s former self; how he split from the Slayers and why he feels so protective of his friends at the Gaya Desert Post Office. Banya’s battle rages across the brutal fields of the wild lands until the Great Dragon awakens. Kamutu is quick to exert his control and deceptive nature over the dragon in hopes of ruling the world. Will Kamutu defeat Banya once and for all? Will Banya lose everything before the dragon’s rage. And finally, what happened to Banya’s sharp-edged quips that kept me amused for the first four volumes?

This series bad-guy-turned-savior theme (Banya) is nothing new, however the kooky humor and great art has made it an enjoyable ride. Plus, five volumes won’t destroy the piggy bank. As much as I love the art and Desert Punk brand of humor, I can’t really give the series more than a B-. With that said, it’s still a worthy pick up if you’re interested in checking out some manhwa and enjoy mindless adventure and jokes.


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