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Radcliffe Leads FRANKENSTEIN

Daniel Radcliffe Becomes Latest Igor.

By Jarrod Sarafin     February 28, 2013
Source: Variety

Actor Daniel Radcliffe is moving from the realm of magic into the cinematic world of dark scientific experiments.  Variety reports the Harry Potter star has entered final negotiations to star in 20th Century Fox's Frankenstein. If he signs on that dotted line to play the title role of Igor, he would be the first major star attached to the project. This latest adaptation of Mary Shelley's classic novel was penned by Max Landis (Chronicle, upcoming Good Time Gang) and will be helmed by director Paul McGuigan (Lucky Number Slevin). 

With the project still in early development, there's official plot synopsis from 20th Century Fox on how this latest adaption differs from previous Hollywood treatments but scribe Landis told Shock Til You Drop the following:

"I began to pick apart our knowledge of 'Frankenstein' and discovered that the public’s idea of this myth comes from a million different places. I became committed to recontextualizing it all so it all worked in one story. By the end of the day, it’s a period piece and yes, it’s from Igor’s perspective, but man it’s cool. It’s the best thing I’ve written."--Max Landis

No release date has been set. 


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thezillaman 2/28/2013 8:05:30 PM

 now if only they would make the mummy dark in tone and scary as it was meant to be then move on to the creature of black lagoon, . a good dr. J&H, also...btw harry potter as igor! damn cool.

almostunbiased 2/28/2013 8:26:06 PM

I loved frasiers Mummy, but this must be dark


whiteandnerdy75 2/28/2013 9:46:52 PM

I'm with Zillaman.  I would to see a new 'Creature From the Black Lagoon' and 'Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde'.  I'd also like to see a new Invisible Man set in the correct time period instead of present day, like Memoirs (Chevy Chase) and Hollow Man.

lracors 3/1/2013 1:18:11 AM

Igor's pov... interesting.

StarlightGuard 3/1/2013 5:00:40 AM

Oh goddamn it. I'd better get my Life and Times of Igor novel out in the promo stages.

Oh, and welcome back Jarrod!

DarthBob 3/1/2013 5:49:34 AM

Yawn...another Frankenstein movie.  There hasn't been a solid Frankenstein movie since Young Frankenstein back in the 70s.

monkeyfoot 3/1/2013 7:02:21 AM

I also think its the right time to do remakes of the classic horrors in a darker tone. Glad to see a new Frankenstein is being made. Never get tired of variations on the classics. Radcliffe's look is perfect for this sort of thing.

Darth, I believe there has been over 100 Frankenstein movies.

And hi there, Jarrod!

xJokersxWildx 3/1/2013 7:07:46 AM

it's pronounced IIIIII  gor !

But they told me it was igor. We'll they were wrong then weren't they.

momitchell7 3/1/2013 8:45:44 AM

"Walk this way..."

cinemaman72 3/1/2013 9:40:47 AM

Considering that "Igor" is not even in Mary Shelly's novel, I don't think they should say that this is an adaptation of Mary Shelly's novel. Either way, I'm taking a pass on this one.

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