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TheRiffs 4/23/2013 11:17:10 AM

You do realize they were standing in the parking lot for 5 minutes because Norma was upset that he was going to live with Dylan right? It was not a moment where they were just talking nonsense and acting dumb, Norma did not care about the cop wants she heard Norman was leaving her. Thats what made this episode wonderful in times of danger she feels nothing and only thinks about what Norman needs and the thought of losing him is far more important then a cop running around trying to kill them. Dylan killing the cop sets up further episodes for the mother now tusting Dylan as her son again which is why he will now be staying at the motel to help figure out what is wrong with Norman. I also enjoy the fact they aernt dragging out the episodes and actually giving us something to watch each week, IMO this was a great episode and far better then a C grade.

Audrey 4/23/2013 11:43:12 AM

Why assume that the Chinese girl is now gone forever? It looked like they were just finishing the story with the deputy and the family first. It seems like they could well continue the story of the book Norman found with the girl now out in the woods.
And as The Riffs said, Norma kept the others from leaving because the idea of Norman moving out was the only thing she cared about.
Let's wait and see how things progress before concluding that Norman now has nowhere to go, and trust that the writers have a plan for the remaining episodes.

Audrey 4/23/2013 11:54:18 AM

The scene on the boat is more organic than that, too. Dylan knows Norman won't leave Norma unless he has a really good reason, so he asks Norman about his father's death and implies Norma did it in order to at least sow enough doubt for Norman to consider leaving.

Screamqueen77 4/23/2013 4:01:23 PM

I actually found it appropriate that Norma was more concerned about Norman leaving her, than the threat of Shelby. I thought it was incredible episode, and I’m really glad that even though I’ll be traveling for my job at DISH next week, I won’t miss anything. My DISH Anywhere app streams shows I record on my DVR, to my tablet, so I can watch my favorite shows during my downtime at the airport.

mtaffer 4/24/2013 6:45:37 AM

This was the best episode of this series yet.  It was tense and suspenseful.  Not being able to tell who came out of the house was a great suspenseful tactic.  I was on the edge of my seat during the entire final act.  A definite A from me.

mtaffer 4/24/2013 6:52:58 AM

I do think that there were better ways of getting rid of the belt than throwing it in the lake, with everything intact.  Why not take all of the tools out of it and then burn the belt.  Can't a fisherman find the belt pretty easily?  Other than that it was a solid episode.  Dylan, despite his criminal foray, is really looking out for his brother.  They took a character that could have just been the bad seed, and turned him into a complex individual that makes it hard for you to hate him.

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