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thestrange 10/9/2006 4:18:48 PM
This looks like it's based on Sandy Collora's costume for BatMan:Dead End. I wonder how he feels about that.
scytheofluna 10/10/2006 11:11:17 PM
Collera didn't design that costume, so his feelings won't be hurt. It was merely a variation on the classic costume. Frank Miller is perhaps most responsible for the classic black and grey suit's revival, but the costume in Dead End was basically the same design that Alex Ross has been painting for years. This figure looks pretty good, a vast improvement over the weak Batman Begins figure they did. I will never understand how DC can make figures based on thier own intellectual properties that don't hold a candle to the liscensed figures produced in Japan. Medicom and Hot Toys made Superman Returns, and Batman Begins figures that just stomp the domestic offerings. The Takara Begins figure even came with an alternate head and grapple harness so you could deck him out as Bruce Wayne. DC direct needs to up the ante, or farm out these figures to Sideshow.


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