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SONYMANswallows 2/24/2010 10:24:28 AM

Call me Paul Revere because there are no sites for Batman 3 being scouted in Chicago. The reason being is tax talks. Chicago and Illinois have been raising taxes and losing business over the last year. This is not stopping soon.

A bout a week ago a story came on most news outlets here in Chicago. Warner Brothers was askin for tax deals with the state in exchange for using local business more than before. It was a no go response from the city and state.

Chicago has lost many possible blockbusters because of the taxes bein forced on movie productions. Same thing has hapend for bi stage productions and the cities conventions.

Fact is do not count on Batman 3 doing anything in Chicago. Why do you think Oprah is leaving here as well.


Dark Knight was a love story piece of shit chick flick. Boner fromGrowing Pains wasa better Joker.

Gotta love a skinny guy in a bad suit beating up a guy in a suit of armor. At least it ripped off the ending of Tim Burton's Batman.

gauleyboy420 2/24/2010 10:25:25 AM

Oh yeah forgot,

JL:CoTE was awesome, BUT not a fan of the voices they got for Supes or Bats.

axia777 2/24/2010 10:36:21 AM

gauley, I dearly hope that they do the "classic" Batcave with the huge computer and all the great stuff in it.  That would OWN. 

They also need to do a re-design on the Bat Mobile.  It needs to be a little more rounded and slick IMHO.  Still have it be a tank like vehicle, but more like the comic Bat Mobile too.

And if Ultron was in the Avengers I would be stoked!  But then are also going to have Hulk in it too.  How are they going to work that all out?  I don't know but I do know it will kick ass!

jfdavis 2/24/2010 10:54:35 AM

I don't know. While I like that DC brings in bigger name stars to it's animation, Timm says it's easier to just bring in Conroy and Co. (And he also implys Conroy set the bar on Batman.)  Yeah, Mark Harmon and Chris Noth would bring in people who wouldn't care anyway... Not! (I may give him the Hal Jordan thing though given the live action movie coming out...)

Honestly, I really don't care where Batman 3 films. I mean it's not likely they'll film here in Portland, ME...

paulie 2/24/2010 12:40:23 PM

I was under the impression that they were supposed to b setting up Anthony Michael Hall's character in the Dark Knight to be Riddler in part 3.  Personally, I would like to see a good story with Mr. Freeze with perhaps either Patrick Stewart or Ben Kingsley as Mr Freeze.

Calibur454 2/24/2010 3:26:59 PM

kick-ass: i really dont see this as a type of watchmen or dkr film either. It is more entertainment than anything else. sstill looks like a great time and already lookin forward to seeing it in the theater

wolverine 2- justice league- interesting rentals for me

bats 3- this looks hopeful but i wont jump up and down for joy untile something more concrete is announced

american jesus- millar could pull it off but would have to finance it himself a lot of the movies nowadays that deal with religion have been done that way


Clownican 2/24/2010 3:59:04 PM

Oh man Pulie, I think you just made me have a nerdgasm with the idea of Patrick Stewart as Mr. Freeze.

If they could take the origin story from 'Heart of Ice" on Batman The Animated Series and turn it into a movie I think every Batman fan's head would explode from the sheer awesomeness it would produce.

I know that would never happen though. I find it very strange that they dont even look to Batman TAS for some material. I think most every villian origin story on that show was better than the actual comics.

Thats the one thing that really upset me about TDK. Dont get me wrong, I loved TDK but I was kinda upset that Two-face had to share screen time with Joker. I was really hoping for an origin story like the one from Batman TAS. I really felt bad for Harvey Dent and you could really see the pain Bruce Wayne went through seeing his once friend turn into Two-face. I swear that was the most adult cartoon there ever was and no cartoon has even come close to it since.

Clayface was another really tragic tear jerking origin. God damn, that show made me feel bad for villians.

jorson28 2/25/2010 8:09:24 PM

I hope the fact that they're scouting the financial district means that they'll use the Penguin somehow.  I think the Burton incarnation kind of ruined the character for a lot of people, but comics readers know better.  Nolan seems to view Penguin's physical deformities as a stumbling block, but except for the nose, a realistic character could be made of him.

Think about it: A short, overweight, perhaps mildly-disabled man of Machiavellian intellect convinces the mob to launder their money in his club, taking advantage of Gotham's newfound peace to make money while the mob remnants regroup and try to "legitimize" themselves.  As a sort of PT Barnham, Cobblepot / Penguin knows that Batman could be as good for business as bad, so he recruits the brilliant, but emotionally and menatlly unstable, homicidal Edward Nigma to cut loose on Gotham under the moniker of "Riddler" in order to lure Batman back into action and then kill two birds with one stone by staging his demise, pleasing both the public and the cops since each have been led to believe that Batman is responsible for Dent's victims. 

As for any love story, I say leave it out.  I didn't mind it in TDK because it was underplayed, but unless it's with Selina Kyle or someone of significance from the comics (and there aren't many others besides Catwoman), it wouldn't make sense given how close the movies established Bruce Wayne being (or feeling that he was) to the now deceased Rachel.  Besides, love interests never seem to quite fit in or work well in these superhero movies, not even Nolan's. 

Also, let Batman's insistence upon being chased by the cops form a rift between he and Commissioner Gordon.  It would make sense as Gordon has lost a lot of Batman's aid and could be frustrated at having to expend so much manpower and resources chasing someone he doesn't want to catch, not to mention someone that he knows is innocent and otherwise relies upon.  By now, Gordon should have a pretty good idea of how Batman operates, so he could well threaten that if Batman doesn't end his charade, Gordon really will find a way to haul his butt in. 

Lastly, keep "Batman" out of the title.  "The Dark Knight" worked brilliantly, and given Batman's forced semi-exile and the visibility of the impact he's had on the city by now, the title "Shadow of the Bat" could work well.  Also, make this the last of a trilogy.  Don't rule out more films, just rule out more Nolan films.  He hit two homeruns already, but even he is pushing it with a third.  I think even he'd see a fourth as potentially irresponsible creatively.  Even if they made another one, say, six years later, they should start a new trilogy focusing on a new era in Batman's life, maybe one ten or twenty years pre-Dark-Knight-Returns, featuring an older and even more cynical Batman, maybe forced by age to accept help in the form of a new cinematic incarnation of Robin - though I'd like to see a Robin other than Dick Grayson for once.  Drake or maybe Todd.  Frankly, I think Jason Todd's attitude and origin would work best for this kind of movie interpretation.

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