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The BATMAN 5 rumors are swirling

Doc Brown as the Scarecrow? Guy Pierce as Bats?

By Patrick Sauriol     July 02, 2003
Source: Batman on Film, Dark Horizons, Ain't It Cool Coaxial News, Zap2It

Jim Lee's BATMAN #608
© 2002 DC Comics
While Marvel continues its stampede on making superhero movies, the wheels appear to still be turning at Warner Bros. and their attempts to resurrect their BATMAN franchise. These past few weeks have seen a flurry of unconfirmed reports take wing across the Web and it's time to play catch-up and find out what's being whispered by Bat-fans.

The Batman on Film website has been a leader in collating all the Bat-rumors. One of the most recent bits of hearsay is that Christopher Lloyd (who played Doc Emmett Brown in the BACK TO THE FUTURE films) has been seen skulking around the Warner Bros. lot -- and supposedly he's the frontrunner to play The Scarecrow in the new movie. But is it wishful thinking or is there really fire to this cloud of casting smoke?

Dark Horizons has also been publishing its share of B5 rumors including one that gives hope to all those living in fear of THAT 70s SHOW's Ashton Kutcher playing the Dark Knight. According to a DH scooper, Guy Pierce pegged himself as a possible candidate to play the new Bruce Wayne by director Christopher Nolan. Pierce, if you recall, has worked with Nolan on the loopy and brilliant thriller MEMENTO. Maybe it's possible Nolan is channeling some of that Tim Burton/Michael Keaton vibe in his casting of Batman. Speaking of MEMENTO alumni, how about thinking about hiring Joe Pantoliano as ol' Scarecrow?

And almost everyone else has reported the story that Ashton Kutcher is close, if not already cast, as the new Batman. Not so says our own sources who claim that the role is still anyone's to grab. Supposedly the decision about who will play the new Batman is contingent on the director and senior WB personnel, which makes sense.

But the next time you see Batman -- make that Bruce Wayne -- it might be on the small screen. Ain't It Cool Coaxial News reports a story coming out of Zap2It; SMALLVILLE co-creator Al Gough is thinking about having a young Bruce Wayne make a trip to Kryptonite central. Gough imagines the young Wayne to be slightly older than Clark Kent but just as brooding as his Bat-self is known to be.

There's only one thing that's certain when it comes to rumors: never believe it's a for-sure until you see it on the screen with your own eyes.

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