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Batman15 10/27/2008 9:27:17 AM

Woot! First Comment! Anyway, when I first heard of this show and saw the animation and saw what it was, obviously, ibnspired by I was very dissapointed. I'm still dissapointed and I would much rather see a modern comics-based Batman series. However, it is nice to see a comics-based show that is for kids. A show where parents don't have to worry that it's too violent or too dark or too deep for the kids to understand. This sounds like a show where I can sit and watch it with my little cousin and not worry that maybe he shouldn't be watching this kind of thing. I actually loved the Adam West seires. When I was a kid I would go to a particular video store and rent "Batman: The Movie" all the time. I watched it over and over again. Then when they started showing the show on TV Land I was more excited cause I actually got to see episodes. I loved the campy cornyness of that series and even though I do prefer something like "The Dark Knight" to that series I would still, easily, buy a DVD pack if it ever comes out. So I will give this new show a try and put my annoyances aside and I might even enjoy it. I still have my DCU movies to satisfy my wanting for a darker Batman. Hopefully I will enjoy"Batman: Brave & The Bold as much as Mr. Worley seems to have.

Wiseguy 10/27/2008 9:46:29 AM

Sounds good to me. I love the dark edgy stuff but everything doesn't need to be like that. They do need to make stuff for the young ones to build the fan base. I am lookintg forward to this and happy to see such a positive review.



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