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  • Distributor: DC Direct

"Batman Crisis on Infinite Earth"

By Carlos Mejia     January 27, 2007

Batman Crisis on Infinite Earth
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Based on DC comic’s epic event, Crisis on Infinite Earths presents series three with the debut of Batman into the line. Batman is one of the most time-tested heroes in comics and The Dark Knight makes his umpteenth appearance as an action figure. 

Considering that this is the first Batman figure in this series and the line is on its third wave is not only a surprise, but also a delight. Many DC Direct series have regurgitated endless variations of Batman and Superman so this being the first will automatically put collectors in a comfort zone. The Batman figure is very simplistic in look and style. The figure is very reminiscent of Batman’s look from the classic cartoon Super Friends and looks like a modern version of the Batman action figure from the legendary Super Heroes Collection from Kenner.  

With the exception of a base, the figure does not comes with any accessories, which is a shock however I cannot remember any Crisis figure coming with anything other than a base. Also the figure has multiple points of articulation, in a sense it’s what we’ve come to expect from DCD. 

If you’re looking for a classic looking Batman in his old school blue and gray and yellow belt costume then this figure is for you. If you’re not looking for a vintage Batman and need your Batman to be highly detailed in all of his Dark Knight glory, then stay away from this figure since there’s nothing fancy about it. Even though this series is based on a huge epic event in DC’s history, the figures are not causing such a big bang. It’s not a bad figure in any sense, but there’s nothing to rave about other than the vintage costume.


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