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Your Comics2Film roundup for 11/20

By Rob M. Worley     November 20, 2008
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An image from the HULK VS DVD double feature. (Slideshow)
© Marvel Entertainment

Singer talks 'Superman: The Man of Steel' (sort of). Plus: Updates on super-toons like 'Wonder Woman', 'Hulk Vs.' and 'Batman: Brave and the Bold'. This is your news-chum spread over the surface of the internet for November 20th, 2008:


There's been plenty of rumor, innuendo and conflicting reports about plans for a sequel to Bryan Singer's disappointing 'Superman Returns'. Singer and start Brandon Routh have said they plan on returning. Warner Bros has suggested the studio might go in a different direction. Let's not even bring Mark Millar into this report.

To set the record straight, MTV Splash Page asked the man himself as Singer makes the press rounds for his new movie 'Valkyrie'.

"At the moment, I can't really talk about that. I wish I could," Singer said of the sequel effort. "From my perspective, I'm going to take a brief pause. ['Valkyrie'] has taken a long time, so I'm going to take a pause. A movie like that takes some time to do right. That's all I can say about that."

Hmmm...that doesn't really clear things up at all, does it? Whatever the case, it seems that if Singer is going to do the 'Superman' sequel, it won't be any time soon.

[LINK] - Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.

An image from the upcoming DVD release HULK VS

New photos from 'HULK VS'

Lionsgate Home Entertainment has provided Marvel Animation Age with new hi-res images from the upcoming 'Hulk Vs.' direct-to-video animated double-feature. Fans know that the DVD will contain two short films: 'Hulk Vs. Wolverine' and 'Hulk Vs. Thor'. Click the link to see the complete set of images.

[LINK] - Thanks to Jim Harvey for the submission.

The amazon warrior fights with her lasso in the WONDER WOMAN animated feature.


World's Finest Online has new details about the 'Wonder Woman' animated feature film release. The 2-Disc DVD will feature premium packaging with a lenticular "O" sleeve and packaging artwork done by legendary comic book and animation artist Adam Hughes.

Click through for details...

[LINK] - Thanks to Jim Harvey for the submission.


Aquaman on the Evil Under the Sea episode of BATMAN: BRAVE AND THE BOLD

World's Finest Online reveals that Cartoon Network will air two new episodes of 'Batman: The Brave and the Bold' in December.

"Evil Under the Sea" is set for December 5th, while "Invasion of the Secret Santas" airs December 12th.

Hit the link for details...

[LINK] - Thanks to Jim Harvey for the submission.


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hanso 11/20/2008 12:48:11 PM

The vibe I got from that Singer quote is that the dude is out.

vlomski 11/20/2008 7:32:12 PM

This looks like the original Aquaman....................................BUT!.................................................he has a beard like the later scythe armed, long haired Aquaman. Which one is he? Is Aquaman having an identity crisis? Is he schitzophrenic? Hey DC why did you sudenly quit the Sub-Diego Aquaman and story line? It was the best thing you have done with aquaman in decades! Make up your minds!

keithdaniel 11/24/2008 11:41:30 AM

Bryan Singer is a very good director but he screwed up with Superman Returns. It wasn't the worst superhero movie but it was far from great or even very good. Singer deserves tremendous criticism by accepting a below average script that contained too little dialogue between Superman and Lex Luthor and especially between Superman and Lois Lane. Another point is the bad casting of Kate Bosworth. She was flat,uninteresting,prickly,and without humor. A totally uninspired performance. If there is any intelligence at Warner Bros they would see that they and the fans would be best served if they go down the so called "new direction' and dismiss Singer,Bosworth and those disappointing screenwriters who wrote the bitter disappointment that was Superman Returns. Again,I don't think it was a terrible movie(it would be a good movie rental) it's just that it could've been so much better especially after so many years of Superman lying low for too long! 



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