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FrozenFear 5/21/2014 3:43:30 PM

I like the idea of it actually being written Batman V: Superman: Dawn of Justice. Maybe through a semi-colon in there somewhere.

Smart-assedness aside, not a horrible title.

Wes1970 5/22/2014 4:55:05 PM

 Meh ...that title really makes no sense...why the V and not VS so is it Batman 5? They figure its full of such badassery that they can skip making Batman 4 by throwing Superman into the mix.  I get the Dawn of Justice part its very obviously a setup for a future Justice League movie. I just don't understand why the rush to get there.  Give us a true Superman sequel and then a Batman solo pic , then combine the two. It seems to me they are throwing away millions of dollars by not milking a couple more pictures and giving the fans what they want to see. Provided they would be good movies I suppose.  I realize they don't want to copy Marvel but really is that so bad?? I mean would we all complain and refuse to see the movies if thats exactly what they did? I really doubt it. And by that I don't mean we need an origin pic for each character, but more of a set up time to create what would be the connected DC movie universe. 


For anyone thats interested check out a Utube site called Bandit Incorporated...hes put together an excellent what it should be video on this movie. After watching that it makes you wish he was scripting this movie. Now if that was the movie we were getting instead of a Justice League prequel it could be followed with a solo Batman pic , that could establish Ra's al ghul , which might be overusing him since he was featured in the other Batman films but hes such a great villian and it builds to where this is going so good I think he can be used again. Just as long as they change it up, there would be no background of him training Bruce Wayne and such. Anyway from there do a movie adaptation of a story called Trinity.  It features Wonder Womans first meeting with both heroes and is a great introduction to her and her world. The villians include Ra's and Bizarro and would fit nicely into what I referenced in Bandits what it should be video.  

Anyone else care to add to that? What would come next a full on Justice League or more solo films first? The Flash tv series starting up makes me think they could, if done right bring him into the movie continuity without a big screen version first. But he would need to be referenced in some way in these prior movies. 



momitchell7 5/22/2014 5:13:25 PM

This movie is going to kick some serious ass!!!

Newdude718 5/22/2014 7:00:57 PM

 Why is batman still so sad? The internet memes are hilarious poor old fatman I mean batman. Why so serious?...

oh side note has anyone ever watched the honest movie trailers on YouTube hahahahahahaha I spent two hours laughing all night. It's epic I encourage you to check it out 

ElBaz13 5/22/2014 7:04:24 PM

Those Batfleck memes are killing me. Love the Sad Batman and Sad Keanu one.

blankczech 5/22/2014 7:05:27 PM

 Better than Age of Ultron which sounds like a slogan for a new electrical appliance.

Like the V more than vs.   Vs. is so 30 years ago.  Anyone who's been involved in legal proceedings knows what the V stands for (e.g. Roe V Wade).

Not interested in a solo Superman MoS sequel.  Enough Superman all ready.  Let's get the Justice League show on the road...strike while the iron is hot...that's where the real money guarantee the Comic Book Super Hero craze lasts forever.

Next fad after GotG could be cute little badass talking animals.  Disney is good with talking animals like Mickey, Donald and Goofy.  Just have to give them a firearm and an atttitude.






thezillaman 5/22/2014 7:20:53 PM

 I think this is gonna kick all kinds of ass, even the haters. ..

Daybreak0100 5/22/2014 7:29:59 PM

I'm so excited for this.. Anyone saying this film sounds too bloated is not paying attention to the other comic films. X Men, Avengers.. Ya know 

6dra6on6 5/22/2014 8:23:45 PM

The only bloated is Affleck's gut in that costume...

VTGamehendge 5/22/2014 8:38:37 PM

blankczech, does that mean it's gonna be a courtroom drama?  Was it really Superman stealing the Batmobile that resulted in the lost wheel and the Joker getting away?  Because that's a movie I'd pay to see.

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