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'Batman Vs. Superman'? 'Legend' has it...

    December 13, 2007
Source: moviesblog.mtv.com

The long-dormant 'Batman Vs. Superman' project will finally come to theaters in 2009...at least as far as the post-plague world of 'I Am Legend' is concerned.

MTV Movies Blog reports that sharp-eyed fans will be able to spot posters for the superhero showdown on the streets of New York City of 2012 which, in the context of the movie, is a desolate place after a virus wiped out everyone but Will Smith's character in the year 2009.

“That was Akiva,” laughed 'I Am Legend' director Francis Lawrence this weekend, referring to a geeky sight gag created by his writer Akiva Goldsman. “It’s very funny.

“That was Akiva’s department; Akiva became the cheerleader for every movie poster and [inside] thing you’ll see in this movie,” grinned Lawrence, who previously directed the Keanu Reeves flick 'Constantine.' “So, because we’re in a video store, you’d see movie posters around, and when we’re in Times Square so you’d see movie posters around.”

Apparently the billboards sport the iconic symbols of the DC Comics characters, although the title of the movie is never spelled out. Goldsman has had many dalliances with comic-based fare, including producing 'Constantine' and write the screenplay for the infamous 'Batman and Robin'.

'I Am Legend' opens in theaters tomorrow.


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