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The Battles of SOLOMON KANE


By Rob M .Worley     December 29, 2009
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New featurette focuses on the fighting style of 'Solomon Kane'. Plus: Will 'Thor' sport a beard? Strong speculates on 'Kick-Ass' sequels. Work continues on 'Judge Dredd' and more! We love the naughties, we're your Comics2Film 9.12.29!



Jock Generates JUDGE DREDD Movie Art

Fans looking for some signs that the 'Judge Dredd' feature film is still in development got another blip from comic artist extraordinaire Jock.  Yesterday he posted on twitter, "Morning, all. Good christmas? Back at work... Batwoman Batwoman Batwoman to finish. Going to be a busy week! Couple of DREDD movie pieces too."

So, there you have it. Few details of the big-screen revival of one of the UK's greatest comic book hero have emerged in the past year. Were it not for Jock's occasional twitter updates we'd be completely in the dark.



Stunt Man Garrett Warren on Zoe Saldana and LOSERS

The L.A. Times Hero Complex blog has a nice, in-depth interview with Garrett Warren. If you've seen 'Avatar' you've seen his work as he was the stunt coordinator on that film. He's also done work on several upcoming comics adaptations, such as 'Iron Man 2', 'Tintin' and 'The Losers'.

While he's pretty tight-lipped on the first two of those comic book films, Warren had an interesting anecdote about how he came to be involved in the third film, and how he helped actress Zoe Saldana land the role of the tough-as-nails Aisha in the film.

That has a special place in my heart, actually. Zoe Saldana was the one who got me on that movie. We were shooting "Avatar," at the time and she came to me saying there was a movie she wanted to be in called “The Losers.”  The people weren’t sure whether or not she could handle action. She felt so heartbroken because they weren’t able to see the stuff she was doing on “Avatar.”  It was all top secret. She was such an action machine, but nobody knew it yet. I suggested we take a weekend to put together a video to help get her the job. I helped shoot this promotional video for her to show that she could do action.  We had her shooting guns, wielding swords, knife work. … It was unbelievable. She was unreal. She got the part. And then she suggested they use me as their stunt coordinator.  I actually was on our re-shoots of “Avatar” when I got the call from Sylvain White, the director for “The Losers.” He wanted it to be not only like the comic book but somewhat more visceral. It’s an amazingly real yet superbly comical look at these black ops special agents. And I loved the dichotomy. He was thinking the “Bourne” films and “24,” and yet he wanted to have comedy involved.  We met. And he hired me. It’s all live action, 100%.  There is some amazing action in that movie. You will be blown away. People will think, “Wow, that had to be CG.” No. Nothing was CG. We did everything. For real. I dropped actors and actresses on wires. I threw people through doors and windows. And Zoe … she’s a wrecking machine. I can’t tell you how much fun it was to work on that movie.

Click through for more about Warren's work on 'Avatar' along with some vague praise for 'Iron Man 2' and 'Tintin'.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



Actor Chris Hemsworth sporting a beard from his December 2009 Twitter profile picture

THOR: God of The Beard!

With Marvel's 'Thor' set to go into production very soon, the question on everyone's mind is "beard or no beard?"

Ok, maybe that's not one that you Maniacs have spent time discussing, but the iconic God of Thunder has certainly been depicted with and without facial hair in both classic illustration and sculpture and in the Marvel comics themselves.

Now, our friend AntoBlueberry points us to actor Chris Hemsworth's Twitter photo in which he's seen sporting the beginnings of some Nordic-style chin whiskers.

What do you think, Maniacs? Will he be sporting a full beard for some or all of the the film? Or will he shave it off before productions starts? Post your comments below. 



Strong talks KICK-ASS and Sequels

Actor Mark Strong recent made the rounds chatting up 'Sherlock Holmes', in which he plays the villainous Lord Blackwood. MTV Splash Page seized the opportunity to quiz him on next summer's much-anticipated 'Kick-Ass'.

"It's fantastic," Strong said of director Matthew Vaughn's adaptation of Mark Millar and John Romita Jr's comic. "It's different and it's cool and it's dangerous and it's funny."

When asked if he thought his character (crime-lord Frank D'Amico) would return for a sequel, Stong didn't comment on that specifically but did say that there's definite potential for there to be more movies.

"Obviously it's Mark Millar's graphic novels," Strong told MTV "For now I think what they've done is the first eight [issues of the comics] are basically what this movie is and I'm sure it can go on and on if they want it to."

Fans in the U.S. will see 'Kick-Ass' arriving in theaters on April 16, 2010.



SOLOMON KANE Fights Featurette

IGN has debuted the latest featurette from 'Solomon Kane', this one focusing on the fighting style employed by history's most bad-ass Puritan.


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DrSpiderhead 12/29/2009 9:42:26 AM


MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 12/29/2009 10:03:52 AM

Is there any word yet how they are going to handle Donald Blake?

Wiseguy 12/29/2009 10:28:34 AM

Definitely no beard for THOR. Maybe as the franchise moves on and he becomes more seasoned then I could see a beard

MrJBE, I'm firmly of the opinion that Hemsworth will play both roles, THOR and Blake. It seems that most here seem to think they're going to cast a different actor for the role but I just don't see it. I'd be completely shocked if they do

That Zoe Zaldana story is pretty cool. Kind of make look forward to The Losers, wchich I've been pretty ambivalent about.

No North American distributor for Solomon Kane yet? WTF is going on, somebody needs to jump on this

Mayhem101878 12/29/2009 11:42:20 AM

Solomon Kane really looks great I wasn't aware that they didn't have a North American distributor yet I'm sure they will find one though.

As far as Thor I could see it go either way after all I think the beard look is pretty good however I'm not sure about a brown beard after all Thor is blonde and having him with brown hair and a brown beard would look sorta weird. Maybe they could do the first half of the movie with him not having a beard and then as the movie goes on the beard grows. Just a thought.

Kick Ass looks great I haven't had the chance to read the graphic novels but after seeing the trailer I can't wait to see it. I hope that it is good enough to get sequels

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 12/29/2009 1:42:13 PM

Well, I'm sure when it's the length they want it to be that's when they'll dye it if they will.  But it's still speculation on whether it is for Thor...there's still plenty of movies he can do between then and now.  The thing is if Thor does have a beard and this guy also plays Donald Blake and his beard is a real beard how will they work that out?  Show Blake only at the end - which is probably what they will do - and film that separately?  But what about The Avengers?  Will Thor all of the sudden not have a beard and never be Blake?  Hmm?  Because my guess is that they will not shoot different parts on an Avengers movie just so he can run around as Blake...then again I don't how often he'll really need to go around as Blake in one.  It's going to be hard enough to make a movie with all these bigger than life characters in it anyway without having to focus on alter egos.

raynardmuldrake 12/29/2009 3:47:19 PM

MrJbE..your a dick! lol j/k..havent seen that other guy bothering i thought i would.

I say NO beard for Thor..just the long hair. They usually shoot movies by scenes...they would shoot all Thors scenes...then shave him..for Donald Blakes scenes..they never shoot movies in order that it is shown.

Is it me..but does James Purefoy remind anyone else of Hugh Jackman in Van Helsing..i'm not talking about they look alike..just their characters in some of those scenes look kinda alike. When i see Soloman Kane walking with that hat and trenchcoat i keep thinking its Van Helsing lol

muaddib 12/29/2009 4:10:01 PM

It looks like Mr Hemsworth has bulked up a fair bit (which he obviously needed to do for Thor).  Looking at the current comics (of which I am collecting) Thor is not sporting any facial hair.  Chris is a very attractive guy with a good jaw, I think he should go without the facial hair this time round.

Not bad for an Aussie 2nd rate Soap Actor  (What would the Aussie actors do without Home & Away or Neighbours).  Hahaha  :)  I jest I jest.  I really hope he goes well.  This is one movie I'm expecting good things from.

ponyboy76 12/29/2009 4:45:37 PM

Hey, you aren't far off muaddib. Home & Away and Neighbors are like the NCAA of Aussie acting It seems almost every big name Aussie actor started on one of those shows. I don't really care either way beard or no beard. I mean Thor has had both in the comics and they both look cool. I am more interested in how and if they will show the Donlad Blake/ Thor identity situation. I mean if they keep it until the end  or something that's fine. But if they are going with the notion that Donald Blake becomes Thor and that they are two different entities then its going to be rough. They aren't casting someone else to be D Blake so Hemsworth will play both roles. So Donald Balke and Thor are the same size?  I guess Don Blake works out a lot when he's not saving lives as a doctor. We'll end up with the Superman/ Clar Kent thing which isn't an issue in the comics because Blake looks nothing like Thor.

xenomorph 12/29/2009 4:51:52 PM

I'm sick of all these Solomon Kane featurettes! When is the movie coming out in the U.S.?!

Ozymandas 12/29/2009 5:02:55 PM

Thor beard:

I was never a big fan of bearded Thor in the comics but I can certainly see how some face fur can help him look a little grittier in the movies. Give him some thick stubble & we should be good.

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