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  • Reviewed Format: TV Show
  • Network: Sci-Fi Channel
  • Original Airdate: 5 August 2005
  • Cast: Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Katee Sackoff, Jamie Bamber, James Callis, Tricia Helfer, Grace Park
  • Creator: Glen A. Larson
  • Developer: Ronald D. Moore
  • Writers: Toni Graphia
  • Director: Allan Kroeker


No more of your weasely technobabble!

By Jason Davis     August 11, 2005

Edward James Olmos in BATTLESTAR GALACTICA - Resistance
© Sci-Fi channel

Absolute rubbish! In my day, Triad was the professional sport played with gusto by Colonial survivors while Pyramid was a card game with difficult to shuffle hexagonal cards. Where are the Borellian Nomen? What happened to lurid womanizing, not to mention murder, on the Rising Star? Most importantly, when is Lloyd Bridges going to guest star as the renegade Battlestar Pegasus' Commander Caine? It's alright. I've had my pills and am ready to discuss the latest installment of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA like a rational person--just thought I'd give a quick shout out to the folks who continually lament new fans' lack of interest, and sometimes derision, of the original incarnation by rummaging through some choice recollections of that bygone incarnation while noting some of the ancillary notions its left to its successor. Sure, Triad is now called Pyramid, and Commander Caine is now...ah, I'm getting ahead of myself...let's talk about "Resistance."

Michael Hogan continues his wonderful run of Tigh in command tales with the Colonel taking the heat for his declaration of martial law. With ships refusing to resupply the Galactica, the Colonel begins to doubt his decisions only to find his domineering wife encouraging his worst impulses with accusations that he's being too "touchy-feely." Kudoes to Kate Vernon who continually makes the vile Ellen Tigh a realistic antagonist to her weak willed husband. Her "Bill would never do that nagging," has the ring of every ill intentioned stage wife who ever mishandled her husband's affairs into political disaster while managing to walk the line just enough to justify his continuing need for her approval and affection. Rather appropriately, the lack of coffee finally pushes Tigh over the edge recalling a similar outrage in Boston some centuries ago over another caffeinated beverage. "You happy now?" he asks, having done her bidding and the audience appreciates the weight of oppression she wields against him.

Meanwhile, Apollo, who has adapted to his routine of duty followed by incarceration, sets into motion a plan to free the president from Galactica's brig despite the danger of this mutinous action. Like BABYLON 5, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA is careful to illustrate the dangers and moral uncertainty underlying any breaking of the chain of command and the proceedings are tinged with the uncertainty of people doing what they believe is right even if their actions will certainly be result in dire consequences. Nowhere is this better illustrated than Dualla's conversation with Gaeta and the two's diametrically opposed appreciation of the situation. President Roslin's rendezvous in the aftermath of her escape will doubtless make for interesting bedfellows in the upcoming installments.

Perhaps the most intriguing plot of this episode concerned the newly minted killer, Gaius Baltar's interrogation of Boomer. Toni Graphia's nuanced script really delivers the goods here as it's imminently apparent that Baltar's desire to know the number of Cylon agents residing in the fleet is nothing more than a cover for wanting to know if the machines can truly feel love for a human. Receiving his answer, one can only wonder what the good doctor will do in light of his relationship with Number Six and the unquestionable bond that Boomer shares with Chief Tyrol. The reoccurring visual motif of blood hitting the deck continues the philosophical debate on what it means to be human/Cylon while Cally's Jack Ruby inspires murder continues the show's interest in borrowing from history to reinforce the reality of the writing.


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