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  • Reviewed Format: TV Show
  • Network: Sci-Fi Channel
  • Original Airdate: 6 January 2006
  • Cast: Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Katee Sackoff, Jamie Bamber, James Callis, Tricia Helfer, Grace Park
  • Creator: Glen A. Larson
  • Developer: Ronald D. Moore
  • Writers: story by Anne Cofell Saunders; teleplay by Michael Rymer
  • Director: Michael Rymer

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: Resurrection Ship Part 1

Back With a Vengeance

By Jason Davis     January 09, 2006

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: Resurrection Ship Part 1
© Sci-Fi Channel
Hot on the heels of executive producer David Eick who scripted last year's "Home", director Michael Rymer sets pen to paper to deliver the teleplay for "Resurrection Ship, Part 1." Rymer's no stranger to screenwriting having penned his directorial debut, ANGEL BABY, but BATTLESTAR GALACTICA is not an easy show to script and this episode is certainly no run-of-the-mill installment. Luckily, Rymer is up to the task and his direction compliments his script exquisitely.

According to executive producer Ronald Moore's podcast, this episode originally comprised the first two acts of a single teleplay which was subsequently expanded to two episodes when it ran drastically over time. Overruns are no stranger to the series as anyone with the DVD releases is well aware after watching hours of deleted scenes. Whereas the immediately preceding episode, "Pegasus" will be featured in extended form on the next DVD set, "Resurrection Ship" got its respite early and hits the air in two hour long segments--and, boy does it need the breathing room. There's so much going on here that viewers need several seats to sit on the edge of. Between the near rape of Boomer, the imminent execution of Helo and Tyrol, and the rapidly rising tensions between Adama and Caine, the episode's packed like a powder keg in a burning storage shed.

In a standout episode like this one, its hard to put one's finger on the most amazing moments, but Adama's apology to Sharon, a singular notion to be sure, is so eloquently rendered that the audience cannot help but warm slightly with the old man's words. Olmos brings such honesty to the role that his every word carries a momentum with which it imbues the audience. Even when we know he's wrong on an intellectual level, we want to go with him because he makes us believe he's right. The same can be said for Mary McDonnell's President Roslin. When the two share the screen, we're often treated to fireworks, but their tacit agreement on the only course of action in this episode calls to mind those room-silencing moments from BABYLON 5 when Londo Molarri and G'Kar occasionally saw eye to eye.

Speaking of reversals, Starbuck's promotion over Apollo offers an interesting change of perspective as the two compatriots find themselves on opposite sides of command with their loyalties twisted in interesting ways. Another pair of strange bedfellows, Helo and Tyrol, find themselves debating the merits of their respective affections for Boomer in the aftermath of their dual death sentences. Finally, the incredulity of Helo's devotion is questioned and the lieutenant is unable to offer a satisfactory account of something as impossible to quantify as love. Another bottle sharing scene between first mates gives Michael Hogan's Colonel Tigh yet another terrifying account of Admiral Caine's atrocities and this time, no wartime rationale can excuse the cruelty of her actions. On the subject of Admiral Caine, Michelle Forbes will doubtless find herself shunned on public streets for the power of her performance--she puts every insane Starfleet captain in the history of television to shame with her portrayal of someone so violently certain that her way is the only way...and that last scene will kill you...or him...or her...we'll see.


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darkpiranha 1/9/2006 2:33:00 AM
Great start to the third... I mean, second half of the second season. Best sci-fi show on TV. Probably ever.
asnyc01 1/9/2006 11:42:48 AM
I love this frakin show!!! I've had military experience in my life and they mirror it so well. Especially the way Adama is a commander who realizes that it can't all be "by the books" in this war with the cylons. Cain represents so many types of Officers and NCO's that I've had the displeasure of dealing with in the military. The way Adama snapped before he launched the vipers was priceless. I love how epiosode ended with cuts of how both Commanders were planning how to take each other out. Friday can't get here fast enough.
lracors 1/10/2006 8:11:24 AM
I have never in my life seen such sad sad devotion to a cheesy sci-fi show. At the time it was cool, but man look at it today and it's very comical. I watched it as a kid, but I was a kid. Grow up already.
lracors 1/10/2006 10:37:56 AM
I envision someone sitting in spandex drooling at the computer desk with eyes wildly darting left and right prepairing to cut and paste use to death. Behind him/her is a picture of Rush Limbaugh in a bathrobe.
lracors 1/10/2006 10:40:05 AM
...does he/she even realize that the Bonnie Hammer bio is very complementary with very high praise???
kevio 1/10/2006 2:57:27 PM
Y'know, I've been a fan of Cinescape for years, and I've watched these stupid comments by that 'tard Spiderhole since he started making them, and I finally decided to throw my two cents worth in. I have the original BSG on DVD (though I don't spank to it like Spider prolly does), and, well, it sucks. Yeah, in '78, when I was like 12, it was cool. But watching it now is painful. Sure, the camaraderie between Apollo & Starbuck was well played, and Lorne Greene was good as Adama. But overall, the stories were horrible. Pupus? Red-Eye? Muffit? Yuck. Typical, uninspired, formulaic TV. They all got their asses kicked by the Cylons, but to watch the show, they acted as if they were on the Love Boat (which was basically the same show, but with Charo). There were no horrors of war, no conflict among the crew, no nothing. It really was...bad. When I heard the plan for the new BSG, with different genders, "human" Cylons and such, I was mortified. But hey, the new BSG is brilliant. The writing is great, the acting is great, and the stories are compelling and interesting. How long did the original run? Two years? And that's when there wasn't much else to choose from. So, that's successful? THe original Star Trek ran longer than that! Hell, "She's the Sheriff" ran longer, too! Really, I hate to be so blunt, but for the most part, the original was just lame. Great concept, but poorly executed, unless you were 12, in which case, it was "cool". The new one is just fantastic, all the way 'round. Some of the best TV, sci-fi or otherwise, that I've seen.
tacid 1/10/2006 6:09:41 PM
Spider you anoy me. You better watch out and read this link ;) an e-annoyance%2C go to jail/2010-1028_3-6022491.html?
tacid 1/10/2006 6:13:19 PM
Seems someone already posted my link lmao
considerphlebas 1/10/2006 6:15:55 PM
I think they are holding one or two of the (semi)major characters back as possible Cylons. Adama, as the captured cylon suggested? Why not(probably not as it was so obvious), but even more unlikely the core characters like Apollo & Starbuck. I think it's going to be either semi-peripheral characters or a really core ones (shock effect ;-) As for the Troll management (I've lurked for some time), well, there are only two methods. Ignoring (may or may not work depending on Troll's endurance/stamina), or site management intervention (shutting account down). Discussion *never* works. So say we all.
tacid 1/10/2006 6:17:08 PM
"If people just ignored my initial posts, then I would not post more. Ever stop to think about that?" Proof that his like or dislike of the new BSG is not what this is all about. He just wants the attention. Aright consider yourself ignored from now on :)
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