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ElBaz13 3/21/2012 10:43:32 AM

Yes, Fox really messed up the X-men but they messed it up from top to bottom. Some of the origins, members, etc... 

I think it's ok to have a change or two if it makes sense but when you start messing around with the big picture, then it's not even close to the source material. If this is a Splinter-less TMNT or they make him human, have no supporting cast and no Shredder, than it will be a blasphemy to the source material like X-men First Class.

decepticons2 3/21/2012 11:48:05 AM

I am going to go out on a limb here and say most posters are close to or over 30. These movies sell toys and put kids in the seats. Ask any 8 year old boy if he thinks transformers or new star wars is cool, and from some reason mater from cars. Answer will probably be yes.

So with that in mind and TMNT completly SOLD OUT to nickolodeon, i think we can see where this goes. Years ago I wanted to see John Woo do a movie but that fell apart. The TMNT universe is huge, i say HUGE. It can acomadate this.

The Michael Bay hate really needs to stop, doesn't it? If you dont want to see his movies dont. If you do, go and give him money. Trust me I have enough disgust with transformers movies for changes. I owned all the G1 comics. I have some imported japanese models (maybe toys). But I dont see it the same way as you do. I also own several of the first run Black and White TMNT comics before archie plus those, and the relaunch late 90s.

I would rather see an animated version of TMNT "After the Bomb". But that isnt going to happen.

McQuestion 3/21/2012 12:41:44 PM

I bet Shia Lebouf is in this.

cjclifford 3/21/2012 1:18:42 PM

 I think Bay just wants to piss off long time fans.  That's kind of his thing.  When TF fans reacted poorly to the scrap metal look the transformers would have in his movies, he verbally crapped on how the characters looked in the 80s cartoon.

Yeah, we haven't read the script, but aliens?  Seriously?  Will they come to earth in a flying saucer?

The sad part is, even if it does turn out to be crap like his TF movies, it'll still make a ton of money, just like his TF movies.  And I find that rather depressing.

Instead of telling fans to chill, Bay should do us all a favor and stay away from our beloved childhood franchises.  And it would be nice if those nameless Hollywood suits could find people who actually know how to respect these properties to makes these movies.

CaptAmerica04 3/21/2012 2:22:57 PM

 Curse you, Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

BlatchSkree 3/21/2012 3:36:18 PM

I'm still yet to see any of Bay's transformers films. I knew they would be rubbish and i know this ninja turtles will be rubbish too. Don't pay this arrogant moron any money.  i was a die hard ninja turtles fan, i own all the original figures so will ignore this abomination and not give it any money. Bay should stick to original idea's. Now The Rock was a good movie.

Wiseguy 3/21/2012 3:45:56 PM

Higgy I do hold the X-Men in higher regard than the TMNT. Even though I'm a long time fan of the TMNT I'm not a diehard and never really followed the comics, much like Transformers and GI Joe which is largely why I didn't mind changes made

And if Liebesman ends up directing, again Bay is only producing, I'm thinking it'll be better than most expect. I've found his movies entertaining, well except for Darkness Falls but he popped his cherry with that one so it can be forgiven

BunyonSnipe 3/21/2012 5:03:06 PM

The MIRAGE comics, surely... NOT the Archie comics...

They wer based on that awful tv series...

I'm STILL waiting for this to be done right!

An no we don't need multicoloured bandanas either!

BunyonSnipe 3/21/2012 5:13:19 PM

How about we do the whole love-action/CGI faces thing alongside live actors and do an R-Rated version based on the original comics alongside this version, but with 1/10th the budget and see which one makes the bigger profit?

thezillaman 3/21/2012 5:37:19 PM

@JEDI4SSHIELD, the original creators are behind this and are working on bringing this new change, learn how to read .. and to WHITEANDNERDY75  there are many continiums and storys just about for every superhero ft not all . the original spiderman was changed alot and people still watched the movie , the new spiderman looks more and has the feel of the original concept, so it happends to all movies that's the way it goes and it is what it is. can't wait for the MAN OF STEEL,  and yes BATTLESHIP, and no it has nothig to do with transformers. this new BATTLESHIP has real organic Aliens and in no way does it has shit to do with cars turning into big ass robots. and by the way transformers, was changed to from it's original concept and that diden't stop the movie from making toons of money, so dont judge untill you have seen the final product.. there just fun popcorn fun action eye candy movies that's all. i don't mind the changes in the movies and act like im going to kill my self over it,

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