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By Rob M. Worley     November 29, 2010
Source: Various

Bay debunks Transformers: Dark of the Moon 3D talk. Plus: Stars talks Spider-Man reboot. Photos from the set of Judge Dredd and Ghost Rider 2. More! It's your Comics2Film 10.11.29!




Box Office: RED Drops Out

After showing strong legs at the box office for six weeks running, the comic-based RED finally fell from the top 10 in its seventh week of release. The movie, based on the comics by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner, plunged a dramatic 6 places, taking it from #8 to #14.  Four of those spots were lost to newly opened films like Tangled, Burlesque, Love and Other Drugs and Faster. RED also gave up ground to 127 Hours, Fair Game and For Colored Girls, but then gained a spot back against Universal's ailing Skyline movie.

Overall RED has earned over $86 million domestically, making it a respectable hit for Summit.



Garfield, Stone talk SPIDER-MAN

MTV Splash Page scored some exclusive interviews with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, stars of the new Spider-Man movie to be directed by Marc Webb.

Garfield is, of course, playing the lead role of Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man. MTV asked him why he thinks he got the part.

"I have no idea! I'm glad I didn't have to make the decision. I have no idea why they cast me. If I started thinking about that, I think I'd sabotage myself and have to pull myself out of the movie and be like, 'I think you made the wrong decision,'" the actor said, exercising his soon-to-be-trademarked sense of self-deprecation.

Garfield also said he looks to Heath Ledger (with whom he appeared in The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus) and his portrayal of The Joker in The Dark Knight, for inspiration.

"What I learned from watching him in that movie was that it was so honest and specific. Somehow he made this very broad character incredibly honest and human," Garfield said. "There's so much to be learned from that, because otherwise during the big fight sequences, who cares, unless you have a good understanding of who the characters fighting are? I'm really excited for Marc Webb, because he's a real stickler for that sort of stuff. He wants everything to come from Peter Parker's dilemma, Gwen Stacy's dilemma, Uncle Ben's dilemma — everyone's struggles, so that in those bigger sequences, it's actually not just a cool fight, but there's heart and specificity."

The actor admitted that he tried following a friend's advice to not view the iconic comic character as something that needs to be lived up to, but has since adjusted his thinking and strives to live up to the symbol of the character.

"When I was 12-years-old I saw the struggle Peter Parker was going through to be of use to society, I wanted to live up to that. And I realized that even Peter Parker is trying to live up to that symbol of Spider-Man he's created," Garfield said. "That's what makes him so special: he's undeniably human and going through the same struggles as everyone else. So you try to live up to that symbol and then you have to be OK not living up to it, because not even Peter Parker can do it."

Emma Stone, who plays Gwen Stacy in the movie, may be a bit less overwhelmed by the prospect. In a separate interview, she told MTV Splash Page that she's keeping her reaction to the movie on an even keel.

"The way I have to approach it, and I think Andrew would agree, is just like any other movie. You're going to put the same amount of focus into this that you would with anything. It just happens to be an exponentially bigger budget. So there's that. It'll probably feel different when we start to do press, but we won't have to deal with that for another year and a half," she said, adding, "And there are harnesses I'm going to have to use in this one. That's the only difference. Just the harnesses."

Harnesses, and the fans of the property. Stone does say that she worries a bit about fan scrutiny of the work.

"I have such respect for the world of comic book fans. I've been to Comic-Con for Zombieland,' and zombie fans are a very specific kind of fan base. And my absolute favorite kind of people in the world are people that are passionate about something. And if there's protective of something they're passionate about it, I can completely relate because there and things I'm passionate about and protective of," she said. "There's a part of me that really wants to please people that love Spider-Man or Gwen Stacy and want her to be done justice. I hope they'll give me license to interpret her my way. But that fan base, I'm one of them, so I completely understand why they would be judgmental of certain things. I try not to look [at stories on the Internet] because I do care and I don't want to psych myself out. I kinda half to stay off the Internet. I'm not thick-skinned enough. I get too sensitive. I don't want it to effect what I'm doing."

One easy thing for Stone will be going blond to play Stacy. That's because (in spite of playing red heads for several films now) blond is her natural hair color, it turns out.

Click through for complete comments from Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.




SuperheroHype has uncovered a cool new Green Hornet poster for use in Asian markets.

 GREEN HORNET International Poster



GHOST RIDER 2 Set Photos

Romanian site has some nice shots of Nicolas Cage on the set of Ghost Rider: The Spirit of Vengeance. There are some good images of Cage in his riding gear with the (non-transformed) motorcycle. We also get to see the actor playing the Devil's son, who may or may not be Danny Ketch.

We've posted two images here but click through for the whole set...



In other GR2 news, directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor have tweeted a few more interesting bits of info.

On Thanksgiving day they reported, "Just booked a pretty God damn awesome cameo for next week."

We know the rest of the day went well because the next day was, "Unholy beast of an action scene in the can.... back in bucuresti after a month on the road."



DREDD Set Photos

Bleeding Cool has some new photos from the set of Dredd, now filming in Cape Town, South Africa. The city's Civic Centre is being converted into Mega-City One. We've posted one here but click through for the rest...

 Image from the set of DREDD



Bay Debunks TRANSFORMERS 3D Rumors

IESB took a shot at Transformers: Dark of the Moon last week, running an anonymously-sourced article that claimed the movie was "hitting some snags" in it's ambitious 3D aims.

According to their report, which IESB says is corroborated by multiple sources including several 3D post-production facilities, the movie was filmed partially with native 3D cameras and partially with standard 2D cameras, with an eye towards converting in post. However, these unnamed sources claim the 3D stuff isn't really working for the production.

"The 3D looks like shit and we don't know if we will be able to use all of it the way it is," said the off-record source, deemed to be an insider who goes on to blame the problems on Michael Bays shooting style and lack of experience with the technology. These sources claim that the studio wants to treat the 3D parts as 2D and up-convert the whole thing.

That all sounds pretty grim for the movie, and embarrassing for Bay, does it not?

Naturally Bay had something to say about the reports. Responding via his own message boards Bay writes:

"Wow, I read these morons on the internet who think they are in the know. 'We have have problems with our 3D????' Really? Come into my edit room and I will show you beautiful 3D. There has never been a live action show that has pushed the boundaries of 3D like Transformers 3. We shot the entire movie with 3D cameras. I actually loved shooting in 3D. I will give full details of my process and why I liked 3D in the next week right before the Transformers announcement piece comes out on Tron and Narnia."

Of course, Bay isn't going to admit to problems. But he's not lawyering his words much and is directly calling bullshit on this and past stories that say he's shooting in a blend of 2D and 3D.

At any rate, it looks like we'll be able to judge for ourselves when we attend 3D screenings in December.



Rob M. Worley is the writer and creator of the all-new, all-cat kids comic book series Scratch9. Issues #1 and #2 are in stores now. Issue #1 is also available as a digital download via iVerse Media's iTunes app. Visit for news and info!


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thatguy1 11/29/2010 7:56:58 AM

Transformers.  Who really cares?

The Green Hornet poster is a mess.  If they use that in North America, I'll be very, very surprised.

Spiderman reboot.  See my Transformers question.

Ghost Rider Deux.  I just wish they'd recast.  Cage ain't the guy.  At least Eva Whatshername is gone.  I've seen better acting in porn.

thatguy1 11/29/2010 7:58:40 AM

Oh and a note to Mania.  Your comment section is the least consistent and reliable of any message board on the net.  Post and hope is the order of the day.  Fix it.

Wiseguy 11/29/2010 8:10:32 AM

Let's not forget that RED is over 150mil worldwide. Not bad at all, very respectable

I'm diggin Ghost Rider's new motorcycle.

Maybe I'm one of the few but I'm really looking forward to the new Spidey films. Too bad for Dylan Baker that only now after the reboot they decide to use the Lizard. But shouldn't they have saved Emma Stone for MJ, she just looks like the role was meant for her.

So we're getting a Transformers 3 teaser next month? Looking forward to it, giant robots in 3D = awesomeness. But what a change of heart from Bay, I remember he seemed pretty down and against filming T3 in 3D not so long ago

Looking forward to Dredd and wait for it.....also for Green Hornet, yeah I still hate Rogen but I admit that the trailers have piqued my interest somewhat. Plus it's in 3D

ddiaz28 11/29/2010 8:20:00 AM

That poster is a mess but it looks like a typical Asian market poster.  They are always really busy. And  I didn't even know Cameron Diaz was in this.  Is she even in the trailer?

I'm really excited for Transformers 3.  I hope they shot some scenes in IMAX resolution as well because those were amazing in the last one.

Wise, I too thought it was weird to cast Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey.  She's a dead ringer for MJ with the ginger hair.  I'm guessing they'll die her hair.

Wiseguy 11/29/2010 8:26:32 AM

ddiaz, actually her hair is dyed. Her true color is blonde, just recently read that, which they have to turn silver obviously

Btw, nice to back amongst my internet family. Still don't know why I couldn't post anything for a month or so

jfdavis 11/29/2010 8:32:05 AM

@ddiaz Yes, Diaz is in at least one trailer I've seen.  And Stone is apparently a natural blonde...

I agree who cares if TF3 is all 3D or not? It won't be in my little theater...


Roqueja 11/29/2010 9:09:58 AM

I have high hopes for Spidey.  Everything sounds like it is coming together for the flick.  Limitless opportunities abound for the character.  I hope to be wowed by it.

LocoLobo73 11/29/2010 9:25:49 AM

Transformers: Blah

RED : it had to happen , but a real fun movie

Spiderman:I really wish they would stop reprinting the same stupid interviews, at this point I dont care when he was 12 and use to jerk on himself pretending he was spidey

Green Hornet: yeah ok , release it already

GhostRider: wow cage soooo looks just like GR, oopppss  that was me just setting fire to my computer

Dredd:  ok show me more

Transformers: wooo hoo show me the trailer,  cant wait to see giant robots making cameos in the new Shia LaBeouf film

jedibanner 11/29/2010 9:42:29 AM

I am looking forward to the next Transformers movie. The new Spider-Man....meh. Maybe it will be better but the buzz is gone.

Bryzarro 11/29/2010 9:43:31 AM

 Hey Wise your back and unbanned!!  Haha!

Glad RED did what it did.  Should make some extra cash in DVD sales too.  I'm going to get it.

GR 2 - I want to see some effects of a trailer before I get into it.

TF3 - I believe Bay.  As much as people trash him he makes money off of his flicks.  And I'm a transformer fan.  Can't wait for this one.  And i hope it's true there is a teaser coming soon.  i figured Superbowl but if it's sooner all the better.

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