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BLEEKO! Bleeko! Bleeko!

By Rob M. Worley     January 31, 2003

Comics2Filmreaders know well the tales of a mysterious monkey who springs into actionwhenever there is a comic book movie domain name to be found. Many tales havebeen told but until now, nobody has every seen him.

For the firsttime anywhere, following the proud tradition of super simians like Blip, Gleekand Beppo...C2Fis proud to introduce BLEEKO! 

Bleeko, the webmonkey has been the subject of more C2F reports than any other great ape on theplanet. While we've talked plenty about his domain ferreting abilities, it fellto C2F contributor and up-and-coming artist ZacPensol to show us what he looks like. This was no easy task for Zac, as he'shad his share of bad experiences with monkeys, and Bleeko is the most ill-temperedof them all.

Zac is well-knownfor his numerous contributions to our DigitalConcept Gallery, not to mention his game reviews and work as a message boardmoderator.

Now you can getown your very Bleeko T-shirts, coffee mugs and other paraphernalia. Visit thebrand new Bleeko shop at CaféPressfor an assortment of apparel, house wares and other items.

The new storejoins the existing Devv Hel, PrimeDirector, Dim-3and C2FLogo shops. Lookaround. Try some shirts on. Buy something! C2F needs the cash to supply Bleeko with the circus peanuts he craves!


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