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C2F Spawns Indie Comics Group

By Adam Thur     February 01, 2002

Comics2Film's Digital Concept Gallery has long been a place of healthy ground, where creative relationships have been planted and grown. On February 2nd, 2002, that seed will grow to new heights with the entire internet as its audience, as three DCG mainstays band together to form a striking assembly of comic book creators. Thom Stricklin, Zac "Darth Zaiyen" Pensol and Adam "Essex" Thur have grouped to forge a brand new online comic group aptly titled Pen & Think.

These three eclectic creators have vowed to put out three very different comics, while always maintaining the quality of work that their title implies. "There will absolutely always be a lot of thought behind each panel of our comics," said artist Adam Thur. "Whether the comic be about heroes, humour or horror, the scripts will always be extremely well planned and have a lot of honest substance."

So what exactly are these diverse comics that Pen & Think plan to produce?

"The Veteran is P&T's flagship title," says Thom Stricklin, Pen & Think's founder. "It chronicles the exciting story of Frank Morello, a US Marine during World War II who was genetically experimented on by Nazi scientists. As a result, his bone and muscle tissue are severely strenghtened and his life from then on is turbulent to say the least. Yes, The Veteran fights Nazis, and he has an arch-nemesis, and he has a sidekick (or two), but this is not simply a story about a superhero. It is a story about an ordinary man trying to deal with the struggles associated with WWII." Thom has finished the script for The Veteran's first issue, while the hunt is still on for the perfect penciller.

The next title on the slate is a superhero comedy called Rastamon both written and drawn by Zac Pensol. This is how Pensol describes his crazy tales: "Rastamon in the story of Jamaican native, George Montego, a big-city taxi driver, whom has one too many collisions with criminals and decides to bring some justice to the fair city. When he makes his superhero debut as Rastamon, not only does the crime percentage go down, but in its place comes non-stop laughter. Combining comedy with a good storyline, Rastamon is sure to please anyone who reads it."

Pen & Think's third and last title provides a perverse look at classic stories, as it retells famous fairy tales with very strange and corrupt twists. "The title of the project is called Portraits through Broken Glass," clarified the comic's artist and writer, Adam Thur. "and each story arc will adapt a classic story in very perverse and surprising ways. A lot of what happens may shock people. The first story is Little Red Riding Hood and I assure you that the changes made to this classic will not be what anybody expects."

"I'm amazed at how well we work together," cited P&T founder, Thom Stricklin. "We're as different from each other as the titles we write, but somehow, we click creatively. I can't wait to see where it leads."

"We are really excited about the opening of Pen & Think," Zac Pensol agreed. "Ever since we started out, we knew that P&T would grow into something big. That was a month and a half ago."

Pen & Think may not be a huge phenomenon just yet, but comic fans are advised to pay much attention to the rising talent aboard.

Pen & Think's official site opens wide this Saturday, February 2nd, at www.pen-and-think.com. Interested fans will be able to check out some exciting preview art and even more details on P&T's upcoming projects.


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