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momitchell7 10/6/2011 10:04:33 AM

It looks like a fisherman's wharf... doing some work on the docks.

xJokersxWildx 10/6/2011 11:03:26 AM

Um shouldn't Zod have the beard?  Hope so otherwise - doody !

CrazyCEO 10/6/2011 11:16:07 AM

Maybe he shaves with his finger nails like Will Smith in Hancock?

steppingrazor66 10/6/2011 12:14:48 PM



OmegaDean 10/6/2011 1:36:17 PM

I hope they show him shave like in the comics... mirror/heat vision sweetnes

Duckbeaver 10/6/2011 1:44:50 PM

OR maybe instead of using a pair of glasses in this film, Superman has to grow out facial hair whenever he needs to disguise himself as Clark Kent???     ;)

jorson28 10/6/2011 2:11:54 PM

I fear Goyer is recycling his BATMAN BEGINS schtick because if you'll recall, Bruce Wayne has a beard for part of that movie!  If this is the case, I'm not enthused.  What works for one of those characters usually doesn't translate so well for the other.  Besides, Superman is supposed to have been raised and loved very well by TWO parents. Jonathan doesn't die until he's at least a teenager and then it's not supposed to be the earth-shattering event that the murder of Wayne's parents is.  The idea of Kal-El roaming the Earth to "find himself" doesn't quite add up for me.  Being an alien from a destroyed planet, what would he find by doing that, anyway? Also, he's supposedly sent with everything he'll need, including the means with which to make the fortress of solitude (which better be in this), so, again... I worry.

SmokingFrog77 10/6/2011 3:06:22 PM

The death of the Kents has happened at various stages in his lifetime, depending on when you're reading the comics. In the original Golden- and perhaps Silver-Age comics the Kents were dead. After the Byrne rebot they were very much alive, and now with the new DCU they are dead again. The idea of Clark travelling as a young man is nothing new either, no reason why he couldn't have a beard in this time! The difference with Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins is that he joined a criminal cartel - somehow I doubt he'll pull the same trope out for the young Clark Kent.


ztigr 10/6/2011 3:16:47 PM

Does he have to pick a flower and climb a Kryptonian mountain too...please tell me this isn't a re-work of Batman Begins...

tallman 10/6/2011 11:38:39 PM

 Nice beard! Looking a bit Tom welling (ish) in that top pic. And as for anyone who said its the suit that has the muscles not him... look  how big the arms are!

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