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Beast Meets Wolverine in X-Men: Days of Future Past Clip

New Clip, New Hype

By Robert T. Trate     May 02, 2014
Source: Geek Tyrant

X-Men: Days of Future Past arrives May 23, 2014
© FOX/ MArvel
We have yet another X-Men: Days of Future Past clip. We had two yesterday (see them here) featuring Mystique, Magneto, and Professor X. Check out this one where Wolverine comes knocking on Xaiver’s door.
Synopsis: The film is based on the comic book storyline "Days of Future Past," which ran in Uncanny X-Men #141 and 142 back in 1981 during Chris Claremont and John Byrne's run and introduced the idea of an alternate future for Marvel's mutants that grew out of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants killing an important senator, leading to a future where all mutants are hunted by Sentinels.

X-Men: Days of Future Past stars Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Evan Jonigkeit, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Halle Berry and Daniel Cudmore. Singer is back behind the camera. 
X-Men: Days of Future Past arrives May 23, 2014.

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jonniej1017 5/4/2014 9:35:47 AM

That was cool as shit!!  Wolverine meets the Werebeast!!  lol

millean 5/4/2014 4:42:43 PM
That was pretty funny.  Beast should have told him, "you won't like me when I'm angry".  

I'm really looking forward to this.

nemesis1_57 5/5/2014 7:26:12 AM

 So when was Hank able to transform in to Beast?  I'm not high on this movie like most, I thought First Class sucked it wasnt even the first class..

Flyincloud 5/5/2014 8:34:46 AM

 First Class did suck.

Eldogg42 5/5/2014 12:32:24 PM

This is obviously a bite off of the Hulk.  Him transforming when he is angry.  Just like Singer adding Quicksilver for no reason, just because Whedon announced he was gonna have the "twins" in Avengers 2.  The more I see these clips, the sadder I get.  I'm sure it will be a fun movie with cool action, but no where near the X-men Story I was lead to believe I was getting.  Singer is almost pulling an Ironman 3/Mandarin thing here the way he is bastardizing this classic story.  I recently heard that Hugh Jackman is done after the next Wolverine sequel (if its a good story, he says).  I say thats great, Hugh will always be the true movie version of Wolverine, so lets not rush to replace him.  Give him his respect, and move on without Wolvierne.  The X-men were around a long time before Wolverine ever joined up.  I would love to see stories with the true original "first class"  Cyclops, Beast, Iceman, Angel & Jean Grey.  To me, this is where the story should of started.

redvector 5/5/2014 12:32:32 PM

For myself I'm done with the X-Men movies. 








Eldogg42 5/5/2014 12:53:32 PM

I wish I could do that.  But Like a Moth to the Flame, I must see these movies.  Its, my only guilty pleasure.  Its more like an abusive relationship, with each movie I get more and more disappointed, but come back for more punishment.

reek 5/5/2014 5:48:59 PM

 Oh Eldogg42, so dark, but so, so, true.

masbro76 5/8/2014 2:30:35 PM

Im a big Xmen fan, I was into comics, cartoons, video games back in the 80's and 90's. Never did I see beast change from human form to beast form like some dam werewolf, WHAT THE HELL. I know us fanboys have been dealing with this for years from FOX, but I just fell the need to fuss about it some more. Im still pissed the way FOX and Singer put wolverine front and center in every Xmen movie, kitty pride is supposed to be the main one in this one. I like seeing some of my favorite characters on the big screen, just wish they would do it more accuratly



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