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Beau Smith Update

By Rob M. Worley     December 12, 2001

Beau Smith tellsComics2Film that he is still working to set his recent comic Primateup as a movie. He and partner Kevin Bernhardt set the concept up to be developedsimultaneously as a comic and movie.

The comic waspublished by Image back in October. It's an action story that tells of a gorillawho experiences heightened intelligence after his surrogate father is killed anduses his new intellect to gain revenge on the killers. Smith tells us Sales onthe comic were better than expected.

Bernhardt ispitching the concept in Hollywood. However, Smith expects activity in Decemberwill be very slow, so a deal won't be likely this year. "At least that'llgive Kevin some time to get some initial interest and see if something comes upin January," Smith told us.

Bernhardt hasseen recent interest from Stan Winston's Creature Features and NationalGeographic, who has a hand in Harrison Ford's upcoming movie K-19.

In otherprojects Parts Unknown is still under option by American FilmVideo. That concept will likely get the direct-to-video treatment, "whichis how I always intended it," Smith said.

Smith'smodern-day, monster-hunting cowgirl Wynnona Earp is up for grabsagain. The option on that concept recently returned to Smith. A trade paper backis due out next year and Smith expects to begin shopping the concept around atthat time

In comic news,Smith reports that his Wonder Woman vs. Xena from DC and DarkHorse is due out next spring.


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