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BEDAZZLED Shines in 2nd.

Newcomer not quite bright enough to outshine MEET THE PARENTS.

By Steve Biodrowski     October 23, 2000

For the third straight week, Universal's comedy Meet the Parents took the #1 position at the box office. Fox's newcomer Bedazzled had to settle for 2nd place with an estimated opening gross of $13.7-million on over 2,500 screens, for an average take of just over $5,300 per engagement. The Faustian comedy, starring Brendan Fraser and Elizabeth Hurley, seemed to appeal to a general audience rather than specifically to genre fans. A Fandom poll on Friday, asking browsers how eager they were to see the film, drew 146 responses. Of those, 38% indicated they would see the film opening weekend or as soon as possible, while 21% had no desire to see the film at all. (The remainder were divided between waiting for TV, video, or cable.)

A follow-up poll on Saturday-Sunday, asking browsers to grade Bedazzled, drew a relatively low response for a film with such a strong debut. Only 44 people responded. Of those, 20% gave the film an A; 34% gave it a B; and 22% gave it an F, with the remainder equally divided between C and D. Using a point system (4 for A, 3 for B, etc), that gave the film a total score of 96 and an average score of 2.4, or just shy of a C+. Although not outstanding, this score would seem to indicate that the film will have decent legs, and should garner additional fans when it reaches video.

No other science fiction, horror, or fantasy films landed in the Top Five for the weekend; in fact, only two devil-themed horror films made it into the Top Ten: Lost Souls and The Exorcist. The former fell from 3rd to 7th place this weekend, with a 59% drop in revenues, earning only $3.3-million, according to New Line estimates. The steep decline was hardly a surprise, having been more or less forecast by last week's Fandom polls, which showed high audience disappointment with the film. Meanwhile, The Exorcist dropped from 6th to 8th place in its fifth week of re-release. The film earned $2.9-million, according to Warner Bros, a 45% drop from the previous weekend.

Below are studio estimates for the weekend's Top Ten films. Final figures will be posted tomorrow.

U.S. Box Office Top Ten 10/20 to 10/22/2000
1.Meet the Parents $16.3-million
2. Bedazzled$13.7-million
3.Pay It Forward $10.4-million
4. Remember the Titans$10.0 -million
5.The Legend of Drunken Master$3.7-million
6.The Contender$3.6-million
7.Lost Souls$3.3-million
8.The Ladies Man$2.9-million
8.The Exorcist$2.9-million
10.Dr. T and the Women$2.6-million


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