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Mania Grade: B+

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  • Art Rating: A-
  • Packaging Rating: A-
  • Text/Translatin Rating: B+
  • Age Rating: 13 & Up
  • Released By: Viz Media
  • MSRP: 7.95
  • Pages: 184
  • ISBN: 1-4215-0147-3
  • Size: B6
  • Orientation: Right to Left

Beet the Vandel Buster Vol. #08

By Justin Rich     February 24, 2006
Release Date: December 06, 2005

Beet the Vandel Buster Vol.#08
© Viz Media

Creative Talent
Writer/Artist:Writer: Riku Sanjo / Artist: Koji Inada
Translated by:N/A
Adapted by:

What They Say
The New Dark Age
It’s the Century of Darkness and monsters, known as Vandels, rule the world. The only force that can fight them are the Vandel Busters. When a group of Busters are killed in battle, they pass on their magic saiga weapons to Beet, making him the strongest Buster ever. He won’t just fight the Vandels-Beet wants to destroy them and finally end the Century of Darkness.

Call Forth the Storm
Beet, Poala and Kissu are on a journey to the New Continent! But hitching a ride in an airplane proves to be a turbulent trip--the Vandel, Balleus, wants to eat the machine, and won’t rest until he snags his snack! During the confusion, Poala gets stuck with the Broad Buster, Milfa, while Beet and Kissu team up with some local Busters to keep the beaches clean. Beet needs his wits about him as a pack of powerful Vandels descends on the town with him as their target--what a time to discover one of the Zenon Warriors is alive!

The Review
The seven star saga is underway moving away from the death of Grineed, which for poor Beet will seem like a walk in the park. Plus, not only are his problems with Vandels getting worse he finds an old friend who cannot recall who he or Beet is!

The cover consists of orange block letters of Beet with a yellow banner underneath saying “the Vandel Buster” on the center top. One of Beet’s problems in the inconsistency in cover art, one volume will be fantastic like volume 7 but then return to highly boring picture of Beet in a white background. Like all the other Shonen Jump releases the bottom contains the “Shonen Jump” Logo, the author, artist and the volume number. The back cover has a picture of Poala with a soft blue background consisting of an almost pastel appearance for the picture. The “Beet World” returns in this volume going into the secret attacks of both Vandels and Busters such as Zenon Winzard and Phantom Strike.

Inada masterfully draws the battles scenes again, including Beet’s fight with the seven star Vandel Garonewt whose ability to manipulate gravity is drawn in wave’s yet does not distort the characters. One of the standouts of Beet is the emotion inside this shonnen, and unlike last volume which focused on the climax of Grineed and Beet’s battle there is room for emotional return here with the rediscovery of Cruss and the interactions between him and Beet.

The SFX are like the usual Shonen Jump manga and the previous volume stay to the borders of the panels and are translated and retouched. As with all previous volumes the giant SFX were there, but were handled very well again in this volume with out impeding the panels.

Content (Watch out Spoilers ahead):
We pick up where we left off with the Vandel Belleus trying to eat the airplane in a boring fight that Beet handles too easily. After just finishing the war with Grineed this is a complete waste of time as Beet disposes of him effortlessly with the Boltic Axe. Milfa returns right after the clean up of Belleus and they prepare to leave for Kissu’s trial.

We finally see the real Beltorze again in a conversation with Noa about the interesting plan initiated by Shagi for all seven star Vandels, but what does that master of the Dark House of Sorcery have up his sleeve now? He slips into the basement to talk to his ruler the Eyes of Darkness to tell them of his plan to create the first eight star Vandel.

Beet and Kissu wash up on the shores of Bekatrute after separating with Poala, Milfa and Guntry to protect the airplane from sea monsters. The meet Arc and help him defeat a weak five star Vandel. Arc takes them to get permission for the stay over while they wait for the rest of the Beet Warriors to meet up with them, but when they go to the mansion Beet gets his biggest surprise yet, Cruss of the Zenon Warriors still breathes! Beet tries to jog his amnesiac mind by handing him his saiga Crown Shield but he cannot hold it in his current confused state, for the memories of the Beltorze are suppressed deep in his subconscious.

The gate informs Arc and Beet that there is Vandel trouble and they run off to help the city, but it is far worse then they imagined for this time it is the seven star Vandel Garonewt. Garonewt is ecstatic to see that his target Beet is right in front of him, for he had come to capture Cruss to use as bait learning that Beet’s friend was alive here in Bakatrute.

Garonewt slams his foot onto the ground causing a ripple in the gravity field around him, which slows down all attacking him. Arc and his men are defeated easily by the terrifying Vandel. Beet counters though using the secret ability of Zenon’s saiga Excellion Blade to neutralize the field around Garonewt. Garonewt lacks speed and Beet slices him along the ribs henceforth he goes for the killing blow with Zenon Winzard but it is blocked the emergence of an Iron Rhino?! Garonewt blocks the rest of Beet’s attack and counters punching him even though Beet blocks most of the powerful blow. Just when the fight is about to continue Garonewt falls through a sudden hole in the ground. But, unfortunately their rescuer is the seven star Vandel Rodina can things get any worse for the Beet Warriors, for the get out of the frying pan to only jump into the fire.

This volume brings more questions and answers into Beet’s life, for Cruss, one of the Zenon Warriors, is alive! Did the other four members of the famous Buster group survive as well; and was that Zenon rooting Beet on from the shadows against Grineed? Beet’s rating in the Vandel world has risen immensely making him the first Buster to be worth an entire star since the Zenon Warriors. Seven star Vandels are crawling out of the woodwork to take Beet down once and for all. Can Beet recover Cruss’s lost memories while surviving the constant onslaught of super powered Vandel attacks? These questions leave us hanging for April when volume nine finally hit’s the stands.


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