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whiteandnerdy75 1/24/2011 7:04:56 PM

Well, my fears have been confirmed now that the Spidey suit has been fully revealed.  Thank you Sony for completely ruining an icon.

gauleyboy420 1/24/2011 10:16:51 PM

I don't really care about them Removing Captain America's name from the title, but I do feel it's unnessecary.  Cap is a big enough hero that people in other countries have heard of him. And like someone said, are they gonna have him dubbed in as Shieldy the Wonder guy or something? (bad joke)

Wise , I LOVE THE QUOTE!!!!!!!

however I do find it irritating that in other post people assume that our healthcare is the best in the world because they heard it in a soundbite somewhere... Seriously our healthcare is only one of the best in the world if your wealthy, thats why only WEALTHY foreigners come here for medical services.

ALSO, yes we helped France and Britain out in WWII, BUT how freaking rude is it to constantly remind someone you did them a favor. It makes the favor worth less in my opinion. AND lets not forget that the French helped us win the Revolutionary War. Without them we'd all be eating spotted dick right now.

Being patriotic is fine, but an unabashed we're better than everyone else isn't patriotism...

With all that said, the only things I don't like on the Spidey costume is the red stripe down the legs, and whats up with the red lenses?

I am patriotic, I just also happen to think that there are other countries that are as good as we are.


Oh and I do still like busting Canada's balls, just for fun though.

Dazzler 1/25/2011 4:28:13 AM

CAPTAIN AMERICA is the name of the movie Russians!  Don't let us kick your asses again in Rocky IV!

I really hope it's a pro American movie with no apologies.  Our current gov is always saying they are sorry to some little turd world country. 

Wiseguy 1/25/2011 6:01:44 AM

gauley, we didn't just help France and Britain, we helped the almost all of western Europe with the Marshall Plan. Something we didn't have to do, especially after having won the war. And not only that because you seem oblivious to our continuing aid and defense of Europe which allows all the ingrates to spend moneys otherwise needed for their own defense on their social programs or whatever else.

South Korea is another example, they wouldn't even exist if not for the US and our continued presence and commitment to their defense. They don't even allow our car companies equal opportunity over there yet Kias and Hiundais are all over our country

Not to mention the billions we give to other countries through out the world. So yeah if it seems to you like we always bring up how we helped others keep in mind that help is still ongoing and too many remain ungrateful and just as soon stab us in the back or refuse to help us

And France's help in the RW is appreciated but keep in context that they weren't interested in our independence, only in lessening their mortal enemy's, Britain, empire and influence. So thanks for the help but unlike our help theirs was much more self-serving

wagoneer1 1/25/2011 6:44:43 AM

  Blue Beetle and Booster Gold in Smallville, I  love it. I hope Hollywood decides to try out a series starring the both of them, they could call it, Blue and Gold, or the Adventures ot the Blue and the Gold. Will Booster be wearing the comic costume or a new costume in Smallville, same for Beetle

    I don't agree with WW getting a new origin for the NBC series, but I'll still watch it, and hope for the best.

   I also agree with the Superman situation, Brandon should be cast as Supes, not a new actor

gauleyboy420 1/25/2011 6:12:48 PM


France helped all of the U.S. (what eventually grew to a continent) with their intervention in the War for our independance. Regardless of their alterior motives (and rest assured all countries have alterior motives when interviening in a conflict, not the brave men and women who serve, but the govnt. controlling them do) France helped us out, yet you don't constantly hear them yammering on about it. It does indeed take away from a gift (and yes we gave them a great gift inour hgelp) to constantly remind someone of that gift.

It;s tacky, and caddy. You don't donate money to charity, then constantly tell someone you donate monies to charity, and if you do, you're a loser.

Patriotism is not an unquestioninmg love of your country, and shouting that we're better than everyone. Patriotism is ACTING to make your country a better place. There is always room for improvement.

I'd also like to pointout that the U.S. TURNS DOWN so much foriegn  aid it's not funny. We turned it down after 9-11 and Katrina. (it's true, not making this stuff up) The only assistance we ever accept is if another country is willing to send it's children to die with ours. thats sad. We have a bad habit of this cowboy attitude of "I don't need your help" and then turn right around and scream why doesn't anybody help us, we help eveyone else?" it's a really whiny childish way to be. BUT I guess we still are a young nation, and can whine every now and then.


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