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SinisterPryde 7/6/2012 4:24:48 PM

I understand the reasons most readers are down on these books.  I don't agree with those reasons, but I understand them.  At least DC didn't do a "remake" of the original series to make it fit into current continuity or some other non-sense.

I think the argument about what Moore wanted to do or wouldn't have done is pointless.  Moore has stated his feelings on it and that is all we will ever know unless he cares to share more about it.  If DC had treated him better I have no doubts that Watchmen would have had a sequel/prequel long before now.  It seemed that Moore hinted at a lot in that book. 

I hope the people who buy these are enjoying them.  It may be a cash grab but it at least looks like a quality one.  I haven't even glanced through any of these issues but I may check out the trades when they're released.

shac2846 7/6/2012 5:37:07 PM

 tjanson's right and when you consider than Moore has made a name for himself by adding new myths to already established properties I don't understand the bitching and I'm a huge Watchmen and an even bigger Alan Moore fan, have a shelf in my man cave dedicated to nothing but his works.

Also I think tjanson is right about the ordering as well. My store has a ridiculous amount of number ones and the owner said they just ordered too much but they are selling well. People are coming in just to buy them. Obviously by law of averages certain titles will sell better than others but I think they are doing well.  

DaForce1 7/6/2012 7:50:52 PM

 Tim, it's like making a sequel to 'Citizen Kane' or 'Gone With the Wind'. It's something that isn't needed in a standalone story that itself was created by taking parodies of popular superhero characters of the time to put together a story that could really only be told (in an exagerrated sense) about what it felt like to live through a specific time in history. The characters in Watchmen were parodies of other characters already existing in popular comics in order to tell the story. Not to start a franchise. Only people born in the 1990's and later don't realize this. 

Back to the stacks left on the local store bought the large amount of first issues mainly to get the variants. I've heard that they are scaling back to something like 5-8 issues per titlefor the rest of the series run. 

RodThunderBalls 7/8/2012 9:40:59 PM

Actually, DaFathead, you're wrong again on this issue. You truly have no understanding of comic books at all, do you? That is all.


jedibanner 7/9/2012 5:46:32 AM

Well ''Rodsmallballs'', I'd say he's closer to the truth then you'll ever be.


RodThunderBalls 7/9/2012 6:25:22 AM

jedibanner, if you don't understand that comic books and characters are created to tell stories, then you're in the same league as people who think art is just paint and paper. You know you would have busted a nut if Alan Moore decided to write these books, but because he didn't, you're taking some high moral ground that his work is untouchable.

In addition, because your first response to me is an insult, tells me that your ability to have an intelligent discourse about anything, is on par with a child. "smallballs"? Really, that's the best you came up with?

jedibanner 7/9/2012 9:01:10 AM

Ahhh, Rod, don't jump on your high horses...

Yet it's funny how you insuld Daforce with Dafathead but when I do the same thing, it's all ''I can't have an intelligent discourse''??? Dafathead...that's the best YOU can come up with?

But, let's start again.

Hi, I'm Jedibanner and I am a geek. I love comics...I've been reading since I was 12 years old, collecting since I was 14. I've debated the issue of this new series from top to bottom. At this point, I think there is 2 sides on this: Let's get more from the original idea Vs there is no need for more.

You stated that comic books are created to tell stories...yes, that is true. Just like books, movies or any type of form of expresions. But from my point of view (and Daforce and others), not ALL comics need more stories. Some do, which become regular series, some get many mini-series and different one-offs or spin-offs but others, they stay as a one-off and deserve to stay as one-offs.

I believe these new books take away from the originals. That's my take on it. Others like them and buy them. The idea of comics is to talk about them, read and re-read them as much as we want. Some we decide not to like or despise, some we love and cherish.

The fact that Watchmen had such an impact on the comic industry, the way it was presented, it was obvious it was a one-off and for years, the depth and writting of the series  influenced so much of today's writter (it is a series, not a graphic novel), why change the facet of the book by adding more to it?

The people on the ''there's nothing wrong to have more stories'' camp seems to not care about the writter's vision and ownership of the characters. There is unfortunatly wayyyyy too much issues with the rights of the character and the story behind the book.

But I've said many times, if Moore would've knowned the book would have more mini-series or other books about the main story, it woulnd't have been written the same way as it was now. This was written to be a one off and it's what made it special.

Sure you can always add more, write more, etc... .  But some stories, movies, papers, etc...don't need more. DC has the right to do this and nothing would've stopped them.

But in the end, some believe it was not requested, not asked for, the original writter didn't want it so in the end, it shouldn't be.

Hope this falls in more ''inteligent discourse''...

DaForce1 7/9/2012 12:59:52 PM

 Rodsmalljohnson, look, I realize you got your ass handed to you and you're looking for payback, but I frankly don't care about your opinion because you're 13 years old. When you've grown up, and have owned your own comic book store (like I did in my past), then you can come here and start talking shit to the adults. Until then, ask your mom to change your diapers for you, because diaper rash can make babies like you a bit cranky.

DaForce1 7/9/2012 1:02:12 PM

 Jedibanner, spot on. Good summation. 

RodThunderBalls 7/9/2012 3:22:31 PM

First off, my issue with DaFathead, is my issue with DaFathead. If you want to get involved, that's on you. And even though I called him DaFathead, it was an honest opinion of his ideas. Also, the only reason wrote anything was to see if DaFathead would be strong to his convictions and not read anything I wrote or respond to me. Looks like he wasn't. I win again. Rodsmallballsjohson: 6, DaFathead: still 0.

Second, you've been reading and collecting since the age of since 12, me too. During the late 80's and all through the 90's, I remember the glut of garbage that the publishers put out to make a buck and in all honesty, I was guilty of falling for their nonsense, but I was a kid so I get a pass.

You said that some books don't need more stories added to them and if that's your opinion, as long as you have your reasons to back it up, then you're all good. My opinion is that your (and DaFathead's) reasoning is wrong.  The idea of need is superfluous. Story tellers want to tell stories, and if it involves a classic, is it wrong to try? To you (and DaFathead) it's only ok if the original writer is involved. I know they screwed over Alan Moore, but at this point, the characters no longer belong to him and of course that sucks for Moore too, but DC hires writers and artists to create for DC, not yourself. If you're going to share your intellectual property to a corporate entity and expect to keep them, then you'd better have your ducks in a row.

So now it seems to become less an issue of adding more stories and more an issue of whose side are you going to take? Moore's or DC's? If that's the case for you, then I completely understand where you're coming from, because I do feel creators should get full credit and compensation for what's theirs.

But if it's just about adding more great stories in and industry full of bloat, I'm all for that. What would the Star Wars universe be like if we didn't have all those other great tales to fill in the missing pieces that we didn't know existed until we read those stories? So lets not try to covince anyone it's an issue of need. There's a whole section of trash romance book that don't need to exist, but they do, because story telling is an issue of want. People want to write the story and people want to read the story.

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