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  • TV Series: Being Human
  • Episode: Going Dutch
  • Starring: Sam Witwer, Meaghan Rath, Sam Huntington
  • Written by: Jeremy Carver
  • Directed by: Erik Canuel
  • Network: Syfy
  • Series:

Being Human: Going Dutch

Undead until the end.

By Stephen Lackey     March 29, 2011

Being Human
© Syfy/Robert Trate

This week Sally’s evil boyfriend hatches a new plan to get rid of her by bringing in a psychic to send her away. The psychic was actually the idea of his current girlfriend and Sally’s friend. This show has demonstrated that main cast can get in trouble but even knowing that she would somehow survive doesn’t mean that this psychic might not have forever changed her character. At the same time Bishop’s epic plan got revealed with bloody results and Josh gets the information that his family will be growing. Does some of this sound like a soap opera? Well if it is it’s some of the best soap drama that’s on TV. These characters are so well rendered that it’s easy to get involved with the stories and the supernatural elements make the show worth a watch. This week ends with an amazing dramatic and unexpected moment. This installment is one of the best of the series so far.

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Chopsaki 3/29/2011 10:35:48 PM

Suprisingly good episode and it blew me away they were feeding on a woman who was pregnant with twins wow. After killing 3 small children in an episode it seems this show is willing to take some risks. Also I like Sam Huntington and find him less annoying then Russell Tovey and he even makes me laugh on occasion.

krypt0rchid 3/30/2011 4:13:07 AM

I can't really get into Being Human (US) but will continue to watch it but it just feels wrong compared to the original UK version.  You just can't but feel that they are just acting the characters in this version creating a less emotional bond with them, while in the UK version they're not as stone faced, more believeable in their roles and IMO more likable because of it. 

That being said this episode as a whole was pretty good, I know it wouldn't work if they copied the first season of the UK version scene for scene and storyline for storyline but changing it that Nora hasn't been turned into a werewolf by now and becomes preggers after the fact it really doesn't create an emotional situation like it should be between the two.  My other quarm is that Gianpaolo Venuta wasn't a good choice for Danny, he doesn't feel menacing like he should be and this episode really highlighted that for me.

On a positive note the introduction of the Elders was a nice change from the original.  Sarah's version of Rebecca has also been great in this series. 

As long as the writing doesn't go down the poop shoot from here it's going to be a great by series end.



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