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SarcasticCaveman 5/30/2012 12:13:27 PM

I had the same thought, violator...not with any specific actors in mind, but my first reaction was "Huh?"...until I decided that this is a movie universe made up of elements from both classic and Ultimate Marvel universes, so I'm just glad they got a good actor for the role...I'll leave my usual hatred of changing race for the sake of changing race at the door this time.

hanso 5/30/2012 12:22:14 PM

 yes gauley, u missed the memo.  it read "iron man 2 is meh ."  now u know.

nemesis1_57 5/30/2012 12:24:03 PM

I'm sorry but Ben Kinsley as the Mandrain is dumb. He's a great actor I just don't think he's the right choice.

ElBaz13 5/30/2012 12:25:12 PM

Well, if Nick Fury, Alicia Masters and Heimdall can be black in Marvel movies, then Mandarin can be caucasian. Even then, Kingsley has some ethnic background (Indian) so it's not like he's a white anglo saxon.

Agree that Chow Yun Fat in Pirates was always the one I had in mind too.

I'm guessing Kingsley is a better draw as a villain. His work on Bloodrayne is timeless.

DarthBob 5/30/2012 12:41:28 PM

Caught a glimpse of a picture of Iron Patriot on the set of Iron Man 3.  I wonder if they are setting up Dark Avengers to introduce more Marvel characters so The Avengers 2 doesn't get too chock full of superheroes.

BunyonSnipe 5/30/2012 1:28:51 PM

Latino Review is ALWAYS sooooo truystworthy!

Why the hell does anyone listen to these morons?

Ahhhh, but maybe he's going to play an orange...

Joking aside, I love Sir Ben, and have met him once, too, but I'm not sold on this, I think the Chow Yun Fat suggestion was dead right, he needs to be a physically imposing Chinese man, with long flowing hair...

And as much as i like Ben Kingsley, he's more Ming The Merciless than The Madarin...

Imagine John Lone in The Shadow, that's what the Mandarin needs to look like.

Then again maybe this is what they want to get away from, and the whole point is that the whole 'Mandarin' thing is simply a cover.

swisshammer 5/30/2012 1:48:02 PM

Yeah, I agree: dumb. Great actor, but just dumb.

swisshammer 5/30/2012 1:56:44 PM

I think the real question is: will he have green skin? Haha!

Wiseguy 5/30/2012 3:30:16 PM

Worst kept secret ever.

I like the casting too. He's half English anyway so no problems with the race issue either

millean 5/30/2012 3:45:13 PM

I'm so glad that BunyonSnipe just compared Iron Man's villian to one of the Shadow's villian.  Because, John Lone in The Shadow is MUCH more less obscure than the Mandarin & Iron Man...  (Sorry Bunyon, I kid because I care, and that cracked me up when I read that!)  :)

Also, Superman is to Kryptonite as Iron Man is to... alcohol.

I like me some Ben Kingsley.  I like me some Mandaran.  I like me some Ben Kingsley as Mandarin.  (It will be good just to have a somewhat recognizible villian for IM that isn't in armor.)

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