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Bendis on taking back 'Powers', writing 'Jinx' screenplay

By Rob M. Worley     June 28, 2007

Brian Michael Bendis, the hardest working man in show biz, updates Comic Book Resources on his movie happenings in an in-depth interview:

CBR: Quick movie update: 'Jinx,' 'Powers,' 'Torso.' I remember 'Powers' was dead in the water for a while there, right?

Bendis: 'Jinx' - the script is written, the script is in, the script is paid for. They are talking to directors now, so we'll see what happens there. But there's active development for it instead of Development Hell. I've felt both - this feels better.

'Torso' - we just got a screenplay draft in. Ehren Kruger ['The Ring'] wrote the draft and I haven't read it yet. Sometimes it's scary to read these so I just thought to myself, "I'll read it this weekend" so I honestly don't know what's going on there.

And 'Powers'...we actually just got back from Sony a couple of months ago. It wasn't working and they spent a lot of money, so we said, "okay, just give it back and we'll set up somewhere else." Then later they called back and said, "well, maybe we'll buy it again" and then they asked me, y'know..."what is it?" And they were nice about it, but when they say to me "what is it?" I'm like - you've had it for six years, you're asking now? They still wanted to carve a piece of Spider-Man out of it, and it's just not Spider-Man. I was like , "Think 'Seven,' guys. There's another genre that's popular that you can make money out of. Think of that one, not this other one."

And that's when they said, "ah, just go ahead and take it." So now we're going to go find a home for it.

CBR: Are you going to try to do the new draft yourself?

Bendis: You know, at the time we sold it they didn't want me to do a draft and they offered us enough money where it was like life changing. And well, you can use the money and at the time we were not in a position to turn it down. There was nothing sellouty about it, it was just, "Look, we want it - here's some money." But the lesson we learned from that and other things was that I'm not doing that any more. Even with "Jinx" I said, "I'm writing it or you're not buying it".


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