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Bendis Talks About Animated Spider-Man

By Rob M. Worley     January 28, 2002

After months ofrumors and hints Ultimate Spider-Man writer Brian Michael Bendishas come clean about his involvement with the upcoming Spider-Mananimated TV show for MTV. Addressing fans on his Jinxworldmessage boards Bendis revealed new details about his involvement with theshow.

"It's tooearly to go into a bunch of specifics, its not airing until the fall, but I cantell you that I am one of the executive producers and have written the pilot,"Bendis said. "I am writing a smattering of episodes in the first season butnot all of them."

As previouslyreported, the show will be CGI, but will not have the look of previouscomputer-animated programs. "You have never seen CGI like this. Forget whatyou are picturing. It does not look like that," Bendis told his readers."Its using CGI to create a traditional and really spectacular Spider-man.Great character acting and animation."

The show will bebased on the continuity established in the upcoming movie, and not on Bendis' UltimateSpider-Man comic book. However Bendis hopes to keep the Ultimatefeel and tone intact. "What it means is that we are being very reverent tothe characters, humor, and situations that make Spider-man the character that heis. And if we concocted something in Ultimate Spider-man that we feel worked,like, lets say, Kraven, an adaptation of it might pop up in the series."

The show iscurrently in production.


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