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Berman Talks Next TREK

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    June 27, 2000

While he's still not giving any details away, Star Trek chief Rick Berman offered more general teases about the much-discussed new Star Trek series that's in development in an exclusive interview with Star Trek Communicator that was previewed by TrekWeb. 'Brannon Braga and I are right now actively working on the story for the pilot episode, which we hope to be writing soon,' says Berman. 'We'll be discussing the pilot episode story with the studio shortly and we hope to be starting on the screenplay within the next four to six weeks. We are extremely excited about the story idea--this is really a unique and fresh approach to Star Trek.'

Rumors and wishes for the new series among anxious fans have included everything from a Starfleet Academy approach to a flashback Captain Sulu series to a bizarre Birth of the Federation/time-travel scenario to even an all-Klingon show. Berman neither confirms or denies these reports, but does finally confirm that the current premise takes place on a Starfleet vessel. 'The concept for this new show is a somewhat dramatic departure from previous Star Trek series, but it is a show that will be both fresh and unique while at the same time being Star Trek to the core. It's a show that takes place on a Starfleet vessel but, at the same time, a rather dramatic departure from the previous three Star Trek shows. I believe it will be more Star Trek than anything since The Next Generation and, perhaps, anything since the original series in terms of its principles and its tone and style.'

'From the very beginning, my mandate to both Brannon, and myself was that we felt it was imperative that we not give the fans just another variation on the last three shows,' adds Berman. 'We just didn't want to slap another crew on another starship and give it another name and send it on its way. I think that after 500 episodes, and a year from now it will be 526 episodes, that it is time for something that is a dramatic departure both for the fans and also for the people involved in creating these shows on a week-to-week basis. So we put a very big task in front of ourselves and, for the last six months, Brannon and I have been working daily on this and we are anxious to tell you and the fans and the public what it is all about, but the studio wants to wait until the proper time.'--Star Trek Communicator/Cinescape


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