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Berry Fusion

Oscar winner Halle Berry supplies A-list sizzle as mystery Bond girl "Jinx"

By Andrew Osmond     December 17, 2002

Halle Berry definitely lends new meaning to the phrase "shaken not stirred." After spending the afternoon in a simulated death dive on a Pinewood soundstage and being bounced around in a plane cockpit on an elevated rig, the actress still looks stunning: dazzlingly beautiful; an easy, warm smile; the sense of outer delicacy underlaid by tough self-sufficiency. The fact she's decked out in khaki combat fatigues doesn't hurt either but enough of such fripperies. We're here to talk about the serious business of Bond. So forget the khaki. Go on. Forget it.

"Bond was part of the fiber of my growing," says Halle. "To now be in something I grew up with is a little surreal, and I'm very excited. I hope I will fit in and do as fine a job as those women before me. That's one of the things I've loved about Bond, the women. Some movies are all about boys, all action and cars and gadgets, but the Bond girls have always provided entertainment for me as a woman. I love to go and see what they're doing and ride the fantasy from the woman's viewpoint."


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