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SMALLVILLE - 10.4 - Homecoming Review (Article) - 10/17/2010 8:02:04 PM

I loved this episode, and I for one have been watching Smallville since it first aired in 2001 ... This is going to be the 10th year of my life that I'm dedicating to this show. So yea there are some inconsistencies sometimes but so what.. it happens everywhere. The show has kept the majority of us satisfied for years and I look forward to every episode. Also, if they didn't stretch out the story the way they have been doing, it wouldn't have lasted to its 10th season. It would have been a Superman movie, and there are plenty of those out there. I've always wanted to see Smallville for what it is ... and I for one have enjoyed the development of characters and relationships. It's like that with every drama. I'm gonna have a hard time parting with the show as it is ... so I definitely don't mind if they keep stretching it ... it's going to be hard saying goodbye.  

As far as Lois is concerned .. I think it was sweet. That had nothing to do with her being dumb enough to think that people would remember her. It was about her and Clark connecting in yet another way. Both feeling alone in the world.. a little out of place, like they don't belong. She keeps trying to relate to him and show him that he's not alone. Plus, she thought it would just make him feel better. Can't you tell how in every episode this season, she's been trying to show Clark that she would stand by the blur's side no matter what ... and how people really do need heros regardless of what they're saying in the news .. because some of what people are saying is really making Clark doubt himself. So no wonder he has been struggling when he doesn't feel like the city he protects every day would really stand beside him no matter what. She says in this episode how "he (the blur) never would let us down " and how "this person for one is gonna stand by her hero ... because thats what you do when you believe in someone." Lois has been trying to make him feel good about who he is.. and she thinks the homecoming would cheer him up. 

And, she actually says she was enrolled there for 23 days (pretty much a month). It's "the closest thing to a past she has." Also realize that when she says "Come on Clark, it would mean a lot to me... seeing all those familiar faces ... its like i had a place, like i fit in "  ... she's actually trying to stir up those emotions in him ... make him realize ... that "he puts the smallville in smallville." And, he needed to be reminded, like that guy said, Clark has saved a lot of people there ... it's not every town that has a hometown hero. That's what Lois probably wanted to remind him of. 

Few facts about her in smallville high: she wrote for the school newspaper .. she was always around Clark and Chloe and Lana by association (who were all well known). Lois was there pretty much the entire season 4 (still in high school). That's plenty for a girl to think that at least a few people would remember her, especially when we're talking about a small town high school with not that many students. Lois was always around all the action of course because she was with Clark and Chloe. So yea, someone should have remembered her. 

In general, I think this episode was great! Particularly the ending with Oliver's speech and most of all, the Clark and Lois moment in the end. 




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