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BEVERLY HILLS COP 4 on its way?

Producer talks BAD BOYS 2 also

By Christopher Allan Smith     January 29, 2002
Source: Chicago Sun Times

Eddie Murphy returns as the doctor who can talk to the animals in DR. DOLITTLE 2
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In an interview with the CHICAGO SUN TIMES' Cindy Pearlman, uber-producer Jerry Bruckheimer revealed he and Eddie Murphy are hoping to launch another BEVERLY HILLS COP movie in the future.

"Eddie and I are trying to develop something, but it has been rough," Bruckheimer said. "On one hand, you have one of the best characters in movie history. But there have been so many bad scripts sent our way and we won't do them."

He also had more hopeful if vague things to say about the BAD BOYS 2 comments from a few days back. "The other day I had one of the best meetings I've ever had with [Will Smith] and [Martin Lawrence]. They're really excited about reuniting. They're ready to go."


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