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  • Episode: BROKEN (Season 1, Episode 1)
  • Starring: (Voices) Anthony Ruivivar, Alfred Pennyworth, Sumalee Montano, Matt L. Jones
  • Written By: Michael Ryan
  • Directed By: Rick Morales
  • Network: Cartoon Network
  • Studio: Warner Brothers
  • Series:


These titles are a bit too spot-on, wouldn't you say?

By Johnny Destructo     August 14, 2013

Like most episodes of this show, there is the ongoing plot thread, dealing with Tatsu and her shenanigans, woven through a plot featuring a freak-of-the-week villain, in this case: Humphrey Dumpler.

Oh, Humphrey Dumpler. I thought  I recognized that voice! And lo and behold, it's Matt L. Jones, one of Jesse's druggie compadres from Breaking Bad. In other, previous Bat-shows, the characters are extremely exaggerated and drawn to match their name-sake, but in this show, the characters, while slightly stylized, seem to keep to a more human look, until now. Humphrey is the first character in this show that looks overly stylized. He actually looks like an improbable giant egg-fella. Huge egg-shaped head, tiny tiny face.

A little bit of info for the unfamiliar: Tobias Whale, the criminal that Humphrey was supposed to testify against, was actually Black Lightning's villain in the comics. I enjoy that they are mining the entire DC Universe for characters to use, to add a little spice. 

Humphrey, a book-keeper for the mob, was convinced by Lt. Gordon to testify against Whale, but when Dumpler gets his lovely lady Humps to the police station, a missile is fired from off-screen, and the transport explodes. Pretty good reason to seek revenge, for ole Dumpsey, right? But …Humphrey, as far as I can tell, knocked unconscious in the blast. When he shows up later, there aren't any scars, or marks, or anything at all wrong with the guy. What exactly is he seeking revenge FOR? I think I would have given the character some egg-crack-like scarring, further driving home the egg reference, but adding a hint of creepy to him. He states later that he was dragged into the middle of Gordon's and The Whale's war and that he "can't go back". Ummm why? Just stop putting people into comically-sized toy soldiers and trying to kill people, and go back to your numbers and your toys. There is literally no reason you can't big fella. I wanted Batman to stop the show and be like…"Dude, what are you talking about? You're fine!"

This episode failed to engage me in an emotional level, or even a visual level. The villain wasn't really all that sympathetic, and the choreography was lacking. Bats' moves have been reduced to ducking, rolling and shooting his Bat-grapple at people. That made me think of Bat-Scrapple. I don't care if you put Bat in front of it, it's still disgusting breakfast "meat". That's the most this episode made me think. That should tell you something!

Oh and the entirety of Tatsu's subplot with the sword and Alfred is basically: "why isn't anyone coming for it, if they know it's here?" 


The cool:
"I'll stick that in the suggestion box when I get a chance."

"Barb! You KNOW I happen to like the one with EXTRA fat and EXTRA salt!"

Toyman's voice is CREEEEEEEEPY. Nicely done, Matt L. Jones

"A wall." - Batcomputer made me lol!

The not-so-cool:
How did Batman know about the two guys in the intersection? He just shows up! 

Alfred's chin is all I see when he talks.

The buh-wha?:
So Tatsu spends most of the episode looking for The Soul-Taker sword, which she left in a vase last episode, and Alfred knows where it is but doesn't just tell her? "Hey, that cool jade stabby-piece was in the vase, so I moved it to my room". Alfred is kind of a dick!

So the toy soldiers for most of the episode have had people trapped inside. Then comes a point where Bats goes up against a bunch of them, and sees that one of them is empty and ASSUMES that ALL of them are empty, and proceeds to shoot grappling hooks through the faces and explod-arangs them! Good lord man, what if only that first one was empty?? 

The Batmobile, when seen driving, is almost the same width of Gotham's city streets! 

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Dazzler 8/14/2013 4:04:55 AM

It's been a great series so far.  I will keep watching.  Seems like we will always have a Batman toon series on the air now.  I wish they would take a page and do Spider-man this way and make it more for adults, kids are not stupid, the old 67' series was meant for kids and was great and remembered to this day.  90's series was good also for Spider-man. 

johnnydestructo1 8/14/2013 8:10:47 AM

Yeah it's still a good show overall despite this episode...


I loved the Spectacular Spider-Man, which was aimed at kids but entertaining for all ages.

I liked the 90's Spidey cartoon in the beginning, but even as a kid, I was sad to see it slip off the rails.

slayerfaith 8/14/2013 8:36:16 AM

 I can not watch this show. I think they have done way to many alternate Batman cartoons and I am Bat-out. I wish they would try to do something like Wonder Woman or some other DC character cartoon. 

Chopsaki 8/14/2013 10:50:32 AM

 Matt Jones was pretty creepy in this episode. He was also terrific in the season premier of Breaking Bad with his hilarious Star Trek pie eating contest story. Batman and Gordons relationship is starting to be established and it was also great seeing Barbara again. Batgirl down the road perhaps? Also the first mention of Ra's al Ghul who will be played by Lance Reddick from The Wire. I like how there taking their time in this show if feels like there building to something.

Chopsaki 8/14/2013 10:53:55 AM

Oh I noticed that too with the Batmobile driving down the tiny street heh.

alienstatue 8/14/2013 12:23:53 PM

 I didn't notice at first that was Matt Jones. That's pretty cool!

Johnny, it was said in the episode that after the missle attack Humpty was in witness protection and went nuts, then escaped. That's why he's like that. So he may not have a direct reason for revenge, but he was caught in the middle of their "war" (missile attack). So yeah he went nuts.

Still diggin this series. It's getting a bit dark in color for me, not sure if it's the animation or my computer screen at work (where I watch it), but some buildings and things i can't make out. Going to have to set my DVR finally.

samson 8/14/2013 2:17:35 PM

 This show is growing on me. But, am I the only one to notice that Batman looks a bit like a character from Battle Of The Planets/Gatchaman?

noahbody 8/14/2013 2:34:00 PM

Samson, I thought the same thing.

Mooncrow 8/15/2013 3:58:34 AM

 Still made they dropped Young Justice and I am sick of the Bat, but they are doing a decent job with this cartoon.

johnnydestructo1 8/17/2013 8:28:38 PM

Yeah it's still a good show overall despite this episode...


I loved the Spectacular Spider-Man, which was aimed at kids but entertaining for all ages.

I liked the 90's Spidey cartoon in the beginning, but even as a kid, I was sad to see it slip off the rails.

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