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BunyonSnipe 4/19/2012 2:26:36 PM

Also wanted something more along the lines of the Arkham games... more photorealistic.

InnerSanctum 4/19/2012 2:57:49 PM

 Alfred the secret agent?  Hmmmm....

wvugopher 4/19/2012 3:27:37 PM

I like the GL series, the episode with mogo was really good. 

therockdltj 4/19/2012 3:29:05 PM

I also love the GL series. I don't get what people hate about it.

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 4/19/2012 3:52:26 PM

The new series for GL sucks because it looks horrible, the acting is horrible and so is the writing.

GothicStorm 4/19/2012 4:12:38 PM

Why do Marvel and DC keep releasing new Batman and Spidey cartoons every 3 or 4 years? DC will never be able to do better than the Bruce Timm animation...can't they see that? I would love to see DC bring back Justice League Unlimited. With so many members, there should never be a shortage of stories.

Marvel should bring out the big guns and create a Secret Wars or Infinity Gauntlet animated movie. Heck, in a few years WB and Disney could get together and have a DC vs. Marvel animated series. DC Nation could cover the crossover in the DC Universe and Disney XD could cover the goings on in the Marvelverse. Each side makes money and each side wins. I don't care if it's the typical "heroes vs. heroes and then they unite to defeat the REAL enemy" sort of storyline.

Sorry, just the kid in me talking I guess!

Chopsticksmaloy 4/19/2012 9:20:30 PM

I miss Kevin Conroy. 

ElBaz13 4/20/2012 5:31:55 AM

The best Batman ever = 90s animated series/Kevin Conroy.

F*** Nolan, Schumacher and Burton.

I would love a movie version like that. World Finest episodes were the best (Bats and Supes team up)

Wiseguy 4/20/2012 6:53:15 AM

Burton's Batman inspired TAS, FACT. His 1st Bat film remains my favorite and it's easy to see the seeds of that in TAS and why it's so great

Btw, love the Green Lantern series. Is it the optimum format and tone I'd choose? no but damn it it's still good. Then again he's always been a fave of mine so I'm a bit biased.

All I know is that once again I love saturday mornings with the DC Nation block, Thundercats and even Ben10. Sunday mornings belong to Marvel. I feel like a kid all over again

phantomx69 4/20/2012 7:50:05 AM

what ive heard is this is going to be like person of interest! nolan has his hand in this! but animated in the style of person of interest !  but there are other heroes i like to see animated, how bout hourman, the spectre, dr midnite, blue beetle prefer the golden age beetle! these 4 could be done in the style of the bruce timm bat man animated series!  how about hawk man, and the flash!

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