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Astronauts In Hollywood!

By Rob M. Worley     April 03, 2002

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Producer/screenwriter/comiccreator Peter Lenkov (Tracker) told Comics2Film that he'sgot several projects in the realm of comics and movies in the works. First upLenkov tells us that Larry Young's indie graphic novel Astronauts InTrouble was recently optioned and is currently in development as featurefilm. Lenkov is developing the screenplay.

IanUnterreiner of Arsenal Entertainment is attached to develop/produce the projectin association with Larry Young, the creator of AiT and publisher of AiT/PlanetLar, and attorney Kenneth F. Levin.

Arsenal Entertainment is a newlyformed production company, focused on developing comic-related projects intoboth live-action and animated films and television programs. IanUnterreiner, formerly a film executive at Digital Domain, is a founding member of the the company. Arsenal isrepresented by David Boxerbaum at Metropolitan Agency.

Lenkov told ushe plans to combine elements of the various AiT graphic novels."In my mind it's The Right Stuff meets Armageddon,"Lenkov said. "In the 1960s a rocket is stolen, [there's a] hostagesituation on the moon [and the] space race is put on hold. USA and RUSSIA teamup to thwart the situation that threatens earth."

The desperatesituation is followed by a conspiracy of silence. "When we were all gluedto our TV sets, watching man step foot on the moon for the first time,"Lenkov explains. "If the camera had only panned right we would have seen ascarred battlefield, the remnants of a struggle that took place one yearearlier."

The project isstill in the early stages, but Lenkov tells us they hope to begin pitching it tostudios soon.

Lenkov has alsofinished the latest rewrite on the screenplay based on his R.I.P.D.comic. The comic tells the story of afterworld cops who keep the earth safe fromsupernatural threats. "[Producers] Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin have given thescript to an actor we all think would be great for the part," Lenkov told C2F,"so we're keepingour fingers crossed."

Also indevelopment is an animated series based on Dark Horse's SpyBoy forNelvana. "I think the project took abit of a stumble when Spy Kids came out, although they are very different,"Lenkov said. "I'mhoping Nelvana can still get it going. There's still a good chance we'll see itsoon."

In the arena ofcomics, Dark Horse is currently soliciting orders for Lenkov's upcoming Fort:Prophet of the Unexplained, based on the real-life exploits of a late19th century paranormal investigator.

"Charles Fort was such a fascinating character -- investigating unexplainedphenomena in New York circa 1900," Lenkov said. "The comic is a fun ride...with historyhappening in the background: Governor Teddy Roosevelt plays a big role, as well as ayoung street urchin who helps Fort, a kid who inspired by his Fortean adventuresturns out to be a fiction writer later in life. His name -- H.P. Lovecraft.

"Must say this has been so much fun to write."

Fort:Prophet of the Unexplained features artwork by Frazer Irving. It's duein comic stores in June.


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