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AstroyBoy and Hulk CG Talk

By Rob M. Worley     February 28, 2002

Two separatearticles in today's Variety discuss thegrowing presence of CGI in movie theaters. This includes animated fare like Monsters,Inc. as well as CG-heavy live-action movies like the upcoming Spider-Man.

According toone write-up, Sony Imageworks has already commenced the process of animating theall-CGI feature AstroBoy. The film is based on Osamu Tezukaclassic Anime character. Eric Leighton (Dinosaur) is directingfrom a script by Todd Alcott (Antz) and Ken Kaufman (SpaceCowboys).

The articlealso discusses Industrial Light and Magic's work on The Hulk. Theblurb states that ILM is "creating the title character...as an all-CGbeing." This confirms what many have suspected and speculated on in regardsto how actor Eric Bana will play the dual role in the movie. A combination ofCGI and sophisticated motion capture seems likely.

In a separatearticle, Imageworks guru John Dykstra discusses his work on Spider-Man.

"As youget older, it becomes less about topping what you've done before and more aboutthe business of telling a unique story," Dykstra told Variety."You can see that the best received, most acclaimed films are the ones thatoffer great integration of visual effects and storytelling."

Dykstra'scomments to the tabloid echoed what he told fans at WizardWorld last August."Spider-Man's costume covers his face, so in order to evoke a humanresponse from the audience, his body language has to be amplified," saysDykstra.

The F/X manalso discussed the virtual New Your City that the CG Spidey will sometimesinhabit. "We had to get actual shots of the buildings, create texture maps,and light and position the cityscape correctly, and then integrate the shotswith final composites of New York City," Dykstra said.


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