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Big Bang Feature In Development

By Rob M. Worley     January 17, 2002

The characterswho populate the nostalgic Big Bang Comics are set to appear in anall-new feature film set to lens this summer. Philip R. Cable told Comics2Filmthat he is currently finishing up a script for Knights of Justice: TheMovie.

Fans may recallthat Cable wrote, produced and directed a direct-to-video Knights ofJustice short film which was released in 2000. The low-budget videofeatured staple Big Bang characters Ultiman, Thundergirl and The Knight Watchmanand also introduced a new character named Masker. Cable also appeared as thevillain in that one.

This time theprevious heroes will be joined by Big Bang characters Blitz, Mike Merlin, theBeacon, and the Badge. The story focuses on the kidnappings of the world'sfinest scientists and the heroes individual adventures in rescuing them.

Lorin Taylor,who played Masker in the original is set to reprise the role. Martial Arts starLeo Fong (Cage II) will play a villain.

The newfeature-length movie will be a co-production of AAA American Entertainment andEntertainment Consortium Group.


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