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Captain RibMan: Heroes Behaving Badly

By Rob M. Worley     October 31, 2002

Last July Comics2Filmbroke the exclusive news that comedic great Fred Willard had been cast in therole of the world's most inappropriate superhero: Captain RibMan.

Now curiousnetizens can tune their web browsers to SuperComics.comto see the animated fruits of Willard's labors. Rich Davis, co-author of the CaptainRibMan comics strips tells us that two animated shorts featuring theclueless crusader will be unveiled today on that site.

First up is"The Happy Lollipop" in which the bad Captain gleefully demonstrateswhy he's the world's worst role model. As luck would have it, the web-toonfeatures subject matter completely in keeping with the RibMan's reputation forill-timed shenanigans.

"We heldthis back several weeks due to the D.C. sniper situation. We think our messagethat we are safe only when competent law enforcement officers are in charge isespecially timely," Davis told C2F. "As you know, Captain RibMan is asuper-inappropriate role model.  We hope he has lived down to that standardand our fans' expectations."

"TheHappy Lollipop" stars Willard as RibMan and Richard Horvitz as his youngcompanion Billy Boyd. Horvitz is well-known to fans as the voice of InvaderZim, who was recently awarded the title of "coolest Alien" byTV Guide. However, Davis admits, "Fred is our choice as the coolest funnynon-alien."

The secondshort features Captain RibMan pitching one of his sure-to-fail products toplaymate Shae Marks. The short is called "Bowel Ointment" and starsWillard as the Captain and Marks as herself.

Check out SuperComics.comfor the all new animated shorts!


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