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Comic Book The Movie: The Party

By Daniel DeFabio     October 29, 2002

by DanielDeFabio of www.thesodajerks.com

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Comic Bookthe Movie is a film about Hollywood's new love affair with makingmovies based on classic comic book characters. Mark Hamill directs and stars inthe entirely improvised film. I got a chance to appear in the background of hisfilm. You may remember I dressed as the Joker for the Birds of Prey premiereparty and my photographs were published right here on Comics2Film.

Mark Hamill wasat the party too since he performs the voice of the Joker. He saw me there andlater asked if I could attend a party he was shooting as a scene in his movie.Also at the Birds of Prey party were the incredibly costumed trio from GothamPublic Works. I got to talk to them a bit and started exchanging emails with"Harley". I knew that Mark wanted a few more costumed comic book fans forhis party scene so I asked them to attend.

The next chanceI had to talk to Mark Hamill he mentioned how great the GPW crew looked. He saidhe had tried to get a hold of them to invite them to be in the party scene. Imentioned that I had invited them and he was thrilled. Then he suggested I notdress as the joker since GPW's Joker looks...well, I have to admit...justplain better. So I attended dressed as Green Lantern.

On hand for theparty scene was Ed Hall of the Tonight Show. He was playing our host for theevening. Donna D'Errico of Baywatch fame was there. She plays thesuper-heroine Liberty Lass in the film. GPW's Harley was thrilled (okay so wasI) to see Paul Dini (creator of Harley Quinn) among the guests.

We shot from 9pmto 2am but Mark Hamill and the principal cast continued on until 5am I'm told.Mark Hamill took some time out from directing to tell all of us fans how he cameup with the voice of the Joker. He performed variations on the voice and evendid impressions of the other voice actors who have held the role. It was a lotof fun to be a part of it. I think I might not end up entirely on the editingroom floor. You'll find a small website with more information about the film at Comicbookthemovie.com.


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