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Daredevil: A Fun Film That Continues Marvel Hot Streak

By Jason Lethert     February 14, 2003

Frequent Comics2Film contributor Jason Lethert caught a sneak screening of Twentieth Century Fox, New Regency and Marvel's Daredevil. Lethert may be uniquely qualified to review the movie as he is the producer and of the recently announced DD Documentary "Under The Horns". For more information about that, visit his new website at HeroJournalism.com.

Be warned that the review does contain Minor Spoilers.

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Never in my wildest dreams would I haveguessed the success the comic-to-film adaptations are having - and with Daredevil,the money train keeps on rolling! 

Daredevil is quite simply a funflick. It's got a little bit of everything - secrets, romance, conspiracy,and of course - bad ass comic book style slugfests. Ben Affleck does thebest action movie work of his career, both in heroics and emotionalresonance. He's probably not quite how many fanboys would first imagine alive action Matt Murdock, but quickly into the film, he embodies the charactercompletely.

Elektra was also done well - good actingby Jennifer Garner, and her character was much more well integrated into theplot than many super hero movies of the past (see: Vicki Vale, ChaseMeridian). Of course John Favreau was hilarious - one can only hope thereis more of him to be included in a DVD. Favreau wasn't my first pick forFoggy (I favored Oliver Platt), but the point is beyond moot - Favreau wasflawless.

Kingpin was solid. Michael ClarkDuncan has the right look, atmosphere, and cigars for the part. Theremight have been a line or two that came off awkward, but overall he fits thebill. The main problem here was time - not enough of it. Kingpin wasthe least represented of the primary 4 characters. And on a fanboy note, Iwas really hoping for the classic Kingpin scene repeated in the comics where hedispatches a team of martial arts sparring partners. Still, Kingpin wasbadass, and really has a great tussle with DD in the fourth quarter.

Collin Farrell as Bullseye waselectric. He chewed up every scene he was in. His "superpowers" were awesome. His costume might have been different, but hisaction scenes were right out of the comics. The fight choreography betweenBullseye and Elektra and Bullseye and Daredevil was fantastic.

Most have probably seen Daredevil's radarvision in the commercials, but it still comes off as a really cooleffect. It doesn't seem to work quite like the comic book version, butit's not as radical a departure as organic web-shooters, and those ended upbeing ok after all anyway.

One thing that surprised me was how muchI liked the CGI effects. There's a shot in the film (that is heavily usedin the commercials) where the camera tracks along site DD as he plummets downthe side of a building, an almost identical shot attempted by Joel Schumacher inBatman Forever. Daredevil, however was infinitely better looking than theBatman shot - it's glaring how far the medium has come. And the CGIeffects (as well as the wire work) really gave a good feeling of the insaneacrobatics DD is known for.

I think it's safe to say that the Marvelhot streak continues with Daredevil. The admiration and respect for thesource material is palpable throughout the film. 

Mark Steven Johnson isthe real deal as a fan. He didn't just read the Daredevil comics suppliedto him for research - he already knew the characters inside out. And itjust keeps becoming more glaring that Warner Bros. and D.C. Comics are still ina drought that has plagued them for the better part of a decade.

I had a real feeling of karma walking outof that theater. It was clear to me that Marvel was making up for all theReb Browns and Dolph Lundgrens of the past. The most ironic element is that Daredevil is really kind of what Batman should have been. Daredevilhad always been accused of being "Marvel's version of Batman," but whocould've guessed DD would be better at it.

Quite frankly, there's never been abetter time to like super hero movies. So ignore the nay-sayers, see themovie and have fun.

Have you seen the movie? Do you Agree? Disagree? Have a completely different take on Daredevil?

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